• Sugar Wheel Works

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    Sugar Wheel Works from stillmotion on Vimeo.

    Stillmotion just released their newest documentary exploring the work being done over at Sugar Wheel Works. The Sugar Wheel team hand builds bicycle wheels for riders out in North Portland. The documentary gets to the heart of their passion for what they do. We really love the bike culture in this city. Specifically the people who are crafting bikes as well as riding. They talk about their work as if it was freeing — the same sense of freedom they have when they're talking about riding their bike. Nice work.

  • PDX LOCAL JOB: Junior Designer @timberpress

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    Timber Press in Portland is looking for a Junior Designer. Check out the complete Timber Press job posting for more details. Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

    Ed. Note: Hey, PDX. Do you have a position for a local creative opening up? Did you know that we offer really affordable rates when listing open positions? Your ads run for a month and feature heavy Twitter coverage and a dedicated news post as well. In addition, our worldwide network gets over a million hits a month, which is a lot of cheddar.

    We also feature a FREE post option for freelance and intern positions. You can find out more details in our job posting section.

  • Tim Weakland Celebrates PDX Skate Culture

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    Tim Weakland always seems to be busy. At any given time he must have several projects overlapping and running in tandem. That would explain the high level of consistent output we see coming from his little corner of the design and illustration universe.

    Tim just finished work on this multi-layered piece for the #goskatepdx Art Show that took place in late June. The installation is made up of a series of individually cut out pieces, that were then engraved and assembled into the final sculptured piece. As always Tim has done a great job of visually documenting the project on his Behance page.

  • EVENT: XOXO Festival

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    The XOXO Festival is set to return once again to Portland in early September. The multi-day conference and festival is a celebration of independently produced art and technology. Each year XOXO assembles a fantastic assortment of makers dedicated to their craft and furthering the discussion of how that art/technology intersect. This year's roster features a great assortment of speakers as you can see below:

    Anita Sarkeesian, Feminist Frequency
    Darius Kazemi, Tiny Subversions
    Edna Piranha, Meatspace
    Erin McKean, Wordnik
    Ethan Diamond, Bandcamp
    Gina Trapani, ThinkUp
    Golan Levin & Pablo Garcia, NeoLucida
    Hank Green, VlogBrothers / VidCon
    John Gruber, Daring Fireball
    Jonathan Mann, Song-A-Day
    Joseph Fink, Welcome to Night Vale
    Justin Hall, Links from the Underground
    Kevin Kelly, Writer
    Paul Ford, Writer
    Rachel Binx, Gifpop / Meshuf

    Hopefully you were one of the lucky ones to nab tickets prior the July 1
    (sigh). There's still an opportunity, though, to score some passes through their lottery pool. This is one of the premiere events of the year, so if you can land tickets it is definitely worth the cost. XOXO takes place September 11-14.

    XOXO Festival
    September 11-14
    The Redd: 831 SE Salmon Street, Portland, Oregon

  • All That Is Gold Documentary, Part 1

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    All That Is Gold - By Gage Hamilton and Zach Yarrington - Part 1 of 2 from Anthony Taylor on Vimeo.

    We just featured some of the mini updates Anthony Taylor was posting from the “All That Is Gold” mural >Gage Hamilton and Zach Yarrington have been constructing over on 33rd and NE Sandy Blvd. Those ultra short snippets have made their way into a larger documentary project on the piece, it's conception and construction.

    Part 1 looks at the initial part of the process and explores what the duo was thinking about as they approached the gigantic canvas space. There's a lot of great process footage in this piece, pairing well with the descriptions of the direction the team took to create this public artwork. We're eagerly looking forward to part 2.

  • Nepenthes Paisleyi

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    Nepenthes Paisleyi from Dan Corson on Vimeo.

    We're not quite sure how to classify this video we landed on from Vimeo. It's not quite a documentary and not quite a home video. It's essentially a stationary cam with subtitles. What it does feature, however, is of interest. The “Nepenthes Paisleyi” artwork sculptures were established in Edmonton Canada, but were modeled after installation plans from right here in Portland. The sculptures are beautiful and visually respond to one another, creating a variety of light patterns. Our favorite part, however, was the music they dropped over the top of the video. One word: frisky.

  • David Emmite Explores the Plight of the Homeless Robot

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    Living on the street is a hard way of livin', but when you're a robot things can be infinitely worse. Photographer, David Emmite, has created this wonderful photo project (entitled No Botty) in which he explores the idea of robots in a homeless environment. The photos feature a series of older looking robots who are apparently a bit down on their luck. What's a robot to do when they have no place to call home?

  • Hinge Digital x Roundhouse x Adidas

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    adidas Originals SL Loop Runner from Hinge Digital on Vimeo.

    We love the idea of the supergroup. A gathering of teams with exceptional talent to collaborate on a project? The results can be amazing. Sadly, in music, this is many times a dismal failure (Velvet Revolver, need we say more), but within the design and art communities this brilliant collision of dedicated makers can yield wonderful results.

    In one such recent collision, Hinge Digital paired up with Roundhouse to work on a new spot for the Adidas Originals SL Loop Runner. Blending together their own software supergroup of Maya, Mental Ray, After Effects and Nuke, the team has created a strong animated piece for the upcoming shoe.

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