• Sincerely Truman Immortalizes the Blazers' Starting Five

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    Trailblazer fan? Uh huh, us too. Basketball is a great sport and the Blazers are one of our faves in the league. They are one of those regional clients that you'd love to work with to create something to support the team. Tim Weakland and Sincerely Truman recently got that opportunity. They were approached by the Blazer organization to create a commemorative set of glasses featuring the starting lineup of this year's team. Perez and Weakland worked as a tag team to create these wonderfully expressive glasses featuring caricatures of each starting member.

    We asked Tim about what it was like to do work with the NBA team, “Its not everyday you're presented with an opportunity to create a cultural artifact that kids (and fans) will be collecting for years to come.” Amongst other things, the duo gathered inspiration from a similar set of glasses that were done in the 90's; What they delivered was a unique, fun collectible solution that Blazer fans will be standing in line to snatch up.

  • Portland's Shanghai Tunnels

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    Peter Xifo in the Travel Channel's Hotel Secrets & Legends, Portland's Shanghai Tunnels. from Peter Xifo on Vimeo.

    We all know Portland has a less than stellar reputation when it comes to its history with the Shanghai tunnels. People being abducted and pressed into service on a ship is something that was very common for many years. We came across this clip from LA actor Peter Xifo in which he had a small cameo in a segment about Portland's Shanghai tunnels and some of what used to go on in them. This footage appeared as part of a series on Travel Channel called Hotel Secrets & Legends.

  • Relevant Studios Packages Jasmine Pearl Tea

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    Relevant Studios has re-worked the packaging of the Jasmine Pearl Tea company.The tea mavericks approached Relevant with hopes of updating their look and positioning their company for future growth. What the Portland-based design firm delivered is nothing short of beautiful. The expert craftsmanship and care placed into this packaging is evident from the lush color palette to the period specific typography and layout. We just want a set of these canisters to place on our shelves to look at.

  • Creative Mornings/Portland: Zora Phoenix

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    The video for the Creative Mornings/Portland session with Zora Phoenix is now up. Check out Zora's talk from last month where she discussed her point-of-view on how being sexy is exclusive of sexuality, regardless of gender identity or expression.

  • EVENT: Be Honest 2014

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    There are several events we look forward to taking part in every year. One of our favorite, though, is the graphic design student showcase hosted by PSU, Be Honest. Every year students from around the city apply to show their work at this one night event. It's a chance for the community to gather together and take a peek at the work being produced by some of the fresh new things coming up through the ranks of local design education.

    The student showcase is a great place to see some fresh work, make a few new friends/connections and take in a talk from an industry professional. This year, the team is bringing in graphic designer and illustrator, Dan Cassaro. He'll be talking about his craft and process, which should be quite inspirational.

    Be Honest is, in our opinion, one of the best organized and executed events for its size. It's always a great time and is looking to be just as good this year.

    Be Honest 2014
    Saturday, May 3 6:00 - 9:00pm
    Wieden + Kennedy: 224 NW 13th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209
    Be sure to RSVP for this event. You probably don't want to miss this.

  • Big Cartel Presents Saucesome

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    BigCartel presents Saucesome from Tj Nelson on Vimeo.

    Big Cartel recently set their sights on Portland and the fire roasting duo of Saucesome. The short documentary focuses on how the Saucesome gents came to start up their small, homemade hot sauce company. The film got us all riled up for some good, spicy Mexican food. The video is nicely shot. Filmmaker, Tj Nelson, held the creative reigns on this project along with a helping hand from Big Cartel.

  • The Lost Cause

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    The Lost Cause | Bike Garage Mural | Portland, OR from Tomas Alfredo Valladares on Vimeo.

    We were so happy to see this video go up documenting the work and process of Portland graf artist, The Lost Cause. In our opinion, this is one artistic area we just don't see enough documented work coming out of. Of course, the nature of the art form does not lend itself much to public exposure, but we would love to see video of more local work.

    The Lost Cause also has created some beautiful work in this mural. The mural led also led us to check out more of his work, which is fantastic. We were also intrigued by his Indiegogo campaign which aims to send TLC around the world to paint. He's got 18 more days and is about halfway to his goal.

  • EVENT: A Conversation With Creative Director Dave Allen

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    A conversation with is pleased to welcome Creative Director Dave Allen for a night of inspiration and information dispelling some of the myths, confusion and skepticism surrounding the growing market of streaming music.

    Dave is a noted recording artist, label founder, and tech visionary with extensive experience and expertise on the intersection and evolution of music and technology. As Beats Music’s Artist and Industry Advocate, Allen works with artists, managers, labels, and others to educate them on the realities and opportunities of the streaming music business. Dave will add to the conversation as he discusses the benefits that come to artists from the streaming music model, while dispelling some of the myths, confusion and skepticism surrounding this growing market.

    Allen is also the former Interactive Creative Director at North, Inc. Founding member of the post-punk band Gang of Four. Adjunct Lecturer, Digital Strategy at University of Oregon. Assistant Professor in Communication Design at Pacific Northwest College of Art. Op-ed contributor to The Guardian Comment is Free and a Linkedin Influencer.

    Please join us:

    WHEN: Thursday, May 8, 2014 7:00-9:00 PM

    WHERE: Tillamook Station: 665 N Tillamook Street, Portland, OR


    A conversation with is a curated lecture series hosted by Yvonne Perez Emerson of WeMake and Erin Lynch of The Portland Egotist. Each session is a down to earth, open conversation in which a guest (or guests) are invited to talk about their work and what they’re passionate about.

    A Conversation With Creative Director Dave Allen
    Thursday, May 8, 2014 7:00-9:00 PM
    Tillamook Station: 665 N Tillamook Street, Portland, OR

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