• Rick Rubin Contemplates Music and Spirituality

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    Nowness hit up Grammy winning producer Rick Rubin for his ideas on music and spirituality. Rick reflects on the deeper topics from his sunny home in Malibu.

  • Making It Trailer

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    "Making It" Official Trailer from Anthony Francis Moorman on Vimeo.

    "Making It" Trailer #2 from Anthony Francis Moorman on Vimeo.

    We jumped out of our seat when we saw these trailers. Making It is a documentary by Tony Moorman that looks at what it takes to make a living as an artist in today's market. The film follows three Illustrators, Andrew Bawidamann, Eric Fortune, and Brian Ewing as they talk about the process of building a career over time. In addition to the main three illustrators, the film interviews dozens of other creative types as they reflect on their thoughts about living, working and making it as an artist. Check out more about this fantastic documentary on the official film website. We cannot wait to see this when it comes around.

  • Apple Gets Better

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    This spot was interesting to us because we so rarely see a commercial from Apple anymore that is not specifically product focused. Come to think of it, we're not sure we've ever seen one that is solely about their environmental practice.

  • Autism and the Power of Sensory Overload

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    The Creative Review recently named this spot for the National Autistic Society as one of the new commercials to watch. Autism is near and dear to us having a staffer who has an autistic child. Just watching this makes us squirm. We'd never get anything done. Creative duties were handled by The News.

  • Axe Explores the Concept of Soulmates

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    We're generally not huge fans of the typical Axe commercial. This one we found to be more interesting primarily because of its time spanning theme. BBH did a pretty good job with the latching on to a bit of different and new concept for the body spray company.

  • Jack White "Covers" Complete Range of Album Release in 4 hours

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    Jack White is a big supporter of National Record Day, so for this year's event he decided to give himself a bit of a challenge. He set out to record, produce and release an album within a mere 4 hours. Was he successful? Apparently so; he recorded, pressed, assembled and sold a 7-inch in 3 hours 55 minutes. The seven inch features his new single Lazaretto and an Elvis Presley cover as the B-side.


  • Mokus Games and Breakdancing Indie

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    Polygon recently featured this interesting seven minute short about the owner of Mokus games and what it takes to get your game company off the ground in Ukraine. This is way interesting.

  • Dumb Ways to Die: Miami Ad School Edition

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    Another take on the Dumb Ways to Die song. This one is fairly humorous. Brought to you by Miami Ad School.

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