• Film Favorites Done in Pixel Perfection

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    Slovakian artist, Dusan Cezek, has taken several of his favorite film characters and re-imagined them in the 8-bit space. We love the originality of these and how well they transfer to a “low resolution” space. Our favorite has to be the Dude and Walter from The Big Lebowski.

  • "Diddy" Combs lends himself to the New Fiat 500L TV Campaign

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    The new fiat is a pretty good looking little ride, we have to admit it. We're normally partial to the Mini-Cooper, but the Fiat has got a pretty nice line to it for a small compact. Sean “Diddy” Combs joined the ranks to lend a little support to the new car in this latest spot from Doner. Credits after the jump.

  • Lego Movie Releases Blooper Clip

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    Have you had a chance to see the new Lego Movie? We were stunned when we saw that Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 96% rating. Then a few of us went and saw it, and we were sold. This blooper reel released a few days ago is humorous and adds some additional comedic depth to the movie.

  • New Documentary Profiles National Geographic Digital Archivist, Bill Bonner

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    Bill Bonner has the best job in the world. He works as a digital archivist at Nat Geo. What does that mean to the rest of us? He manages and works with a collection of over 8 million photos that date back to the 1800's. Bonner is responsible for maintaining, developing and accessing the collection depending on the magazine's needs. We love the idea of managing a library of artifacts — especially one that is so historic in nature.

    Nat Geo has done an exceptional job on this short documentary and really has us wanting to see a longer cut of this profile so we can understand more about Mr. Bonner's fantastic profession.

  • HBO Releases Game of Thrones Trailer 2

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    Can you smell it in the air? Fantastic.

  • Playstation Back with Another Big Budget Spot

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    It seems like Playstation is racking up the high dollar spots for the new PS4 system. This one is fairly cool and does a great job of highlighting the strength of multi-player gaming on the new system. How many bones went into making this, and what were logistics of getting this shot across so many different sets?

  • Apple Hits the Runway with the iPhone 5s

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    Apple is back with another spot entirely shot on the iPhone 5s. We're really digging that you can just get such good footage out of these devices now. We need to to grab us up one of those tripods that holds the iPhone 5s, though.

  • Jenny Pennywood Studio Tour

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    Jenny Pennywood - A Studio Tour from Emma Robertson on Vimeo.

    We love artist Jenny Pennywood's studio! This short documentary was shot and edited by filmmaker, Jon Brown.

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