• The Beauty of the Hand Drawn Letter

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    If you've followed our writing here for any length of time then you know what huge fans we are of hand drawn type and lettering. The skill, patience and raw creative talent that goes into a well crafted set of hand drawn glyphs has to be one of our favorite things to look at.

    Polish designer, Mateusz Witczak, blew us away with his hand lettering style. The amount of time that he puts into just one piece must be phenomenal. The smooth strokes used to construct each glyph and the attention to fine detail is beautifully executed. Take some time to check out more of Mateusz's work. It's extremely inspirational and would serve as a model reference piece for your own hand drawn type projects.

  • Celebrating 75 Years of Superman

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    Superman 75th anniversary from Golden Wolf on Vimeo.

    London's Golden Wolf was tapped by Warner Bros. to produce this short video celebrating the 75th anniversary of America's original superhero, Superman. The team worked on the backgrounds and the art direction for the animation. The short features some of the most memorable and iconic scenes from the past 75 years of Metropolis' favorite son.


  • Paris in Motion

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    Paris in Motion (Part 4) from Mayeul Akpovi on Vimeo.

    Photographer Mayeul Akpovi has embarked on a series to capture the beauty of Paris in slow motion. His latest installment (part 4) adds another layer to his truly beautiful film work. If you're interested in seeing the rest of the parts from the series then check out Mayeul's Vimeo page.

  • The Daily Routines of the World's Most Creative People

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    Ever wondered what the daily routines were of some of the most creative people in history? Peering into the minds of other creatively minded individuals can be telling and inspiring as we measure up our lives to those who have come before us.

    Info We Trust recently put out an infographic that looks into he daily routines of some of the most famous authors, writers, inventors and artists that have ever lived. We meticulously went through each of these amazing charts comparing and contrasting our lives and work schedules with each person on this list. We drew, however, the most inspiration from Benjamin Franklin and his contemplative method of work and life. We were also a little surprised by Hugo who apparently did not do much work in the course of a day.

  • Orange is the New Black Season 2 Airs June 6

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    If you're a fan of Netflix original series, Orange is the New Black, you'll be gearing up for a new season of episodes that will drop en masse on June 6.

  • Google Video Quality Report

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    From an interactive design standpoint, the new Google Video Quality Report site is fairly interesting. It explores how Google routes and moves YouTube video to help speed up the web. What was interesting to us was that there really does not seem be a huge purpose for this site to exist. It really does seem to be a courtesy site constructed as a method of explanation of YouTube's policy/process of routing video and Google's commitment to a faster internet. Interesting.

  • Stählemühle - The Art of Master Distiller Christoph Keller

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    Stählemühle — The Art of Master Distiller Christoph Keller from Gestalten on Vimeo.

    This is an older short that came out a couple years ago. Yet, with our fine city's deep fascination with micro brewing and distilling we could not resist.

    This short documentary explores the story of Christoph Keller, former art book publisher turned distiller, and the refurbishment of Stählemühle, an old dormant mill turned schnapps distillery. Since bringing the place back to life Keller has begun to distill brandy and gin, and those recipes have gone on to win them awards including best gin in the world.

    The short does a really good job of showing what a bit of determination, in-depth knowledge of a process and good resources can do. The short was filmed and produced by the amazingly talented folks at Gestalten.

  • The Restart Page Lets You Experience Reboot Sequences from Your Favorite OS'

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    Soon in Tokyo and rehabstudio have created a fun little page in which they have simultaed (in browser) the restart sequences of several different OS'. The front page shows a variety of reboot messages from the Mac, Windows and Linux systems. When the buttons are clicked the browser will run you through the actual reboot sequence that was used on that OS. It's a pointless exercise, but for the nerdy at heart it is quite a nostalgic trip.


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