• Adidas House Match

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    A new Worldcup spot from Adidas sees the unlikely matchup of legends Zidane and Beckham as they take on Bale and Lucas Moura. It's a battle for the ages.

  • The Boxtrolls Trailer

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    There have been several trailers coming out over the past few months as we've edged closer and closer to the September launch date of Laika's The Boxtrolls. The newest trailer has to be the longest one we've seen so far, weighing in at nearly three full minutes. Laika has gone over the top with this latest production, taking stop motion animation to a completely new level. The detail alone in this film and the sets is unbelievable.

    We were invited very early on to Laika to see a sneak peek of the production. We toured the sets and saw the models being built, and it was staggering to see the level of detail they have captured in this movie. Now after a few years of work, the film is finally coming to life, and it will have been worth the wait.

  • EVENT: TechFestNW 2014

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    The other side of the MusicFestNW coin is its sister conference event, >TechFestNW. The two day event invites a host of thought leaders to talk about the most important issues facing the tech community. Just looking at the roster of speakers signed on to this year's event is fairly inspirational. We're looking forward to picking up some tickets for the two day August fest. The real aim of TechFest NW is to highlights the Pacific Northwest’s talent and innovation and Portland as a digital and cultural hub.

    The two events together have a mini SXSW feel but with a decidedly portland approach to content and subject matter. This will be another event not to miss as we head into the second half of 2014.

    TechFest NW 2014
    August 15-16
    Keep up on current news on the TechFestNW website

  • Industry: NORTH Welcomes CD/Writer Eric Samsel

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    A little bit of a shift happening over in the North camp. Here's a few details:

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    Eric Samsel has joined branding and advertising agency NORTH as Creative Director reporting to Mark Ray, Chief Creative Officer. Previously Samsel was a Copywriter at Wieden + Kennedy, where his team earned a Webby for the first exclusively mobile site in the Nike family for Nike Golf. In addition to writing for Jeep Grand Cherokee and EA Sports accounts, he was involved in virtually every Coca-Cola campaign, including for the Super Bowl, over a period of eight years. He began his advertising career at JohnsonSheen on national campaigns for Gerber Legendary Blades and Brooks Running. In his new position, Samsel will focus on campaigns underway for Anchor Brewing, for which NORTH is AOR, Yakima and Stanley, a brand of PMI.

    On hiring Samsel, NORTH Principal and Managing Director Rebecca Armstrong said “With more than 16 years of experience in outdoor lifestyle brands, Eric’s experience makes him a perfect match for one of our core practices. Importantly, his enthusiasm for passion brands reflects our own. Plus he is an exceptionally talented writer and a really nice bloke.”

  • EVENT: MusicFestNW 2014

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    One of the most exciting events to happen during the year has to be the tag team conferences, MusicFest NW and TechFestNW. These two conferences convene each year to celebrate and discuss the latest goings on in both industries.

    We're still waiting for the schedule of events to hit for MusicFest, but they've already started dropping in the lineup of bands that will be a part of this year's festivities. We were extremely excited to see Spoon, Phantogram and Future Islands will be a part of the proceedings in addition to many other amazing outfits.

    If you're a music fan get this one on your books early because tickets will go quickly for the two day event in August. More details as we edge closer to the event.

    August 16-17
    Waterfront Park: Portland, Oregon
    Check out news and details for the upcoming event

  • One Skateboard at a Time: The Making of Chapman Skateboards

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    One Skateboard At A Time from Chapman Skateboards on Vimeo.

    This is great, short piece on the making of Chapman skateboards. The video looks at the entire manufacturing process moving from machine to machine documenting the birth of all those beautiful boards.


  • Gizmodo Takes a Look at Adobe Ink & Slide

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    Hands On: Adobe Ink & Slide from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

    As you're probably aware, Adobe released their 2014 editions of the Adobe CC line of products this week. We've been spending the last day or so looking through some of the new features bundled inside the updated desktop apps. Interestingly, though, the real news was not in the updates to the mature line of applications, but it in the mobile device releases. Adobe announced several new (and, in our opinion, fantastic) complimentary apps for mobile devices that make drawing and creating on a tablet so seamless.

    Even more exciting than the release of the apps were the new companion stylus and measuring device they came to market with. Ink &smp; Slide represent Adobe's entry into the device market, and they have started off with a bang. Finally, there is a decent fine point stylus with a lot of natural built in abilities. As for slide, we know it's a measuring device but it is almost otherworldly in its operation. We've already put a set on order, and while the $199 price tag is rather steep, the pairing of these with the new mobile apps and an iPad or tablet device make this a serious contender for one of the best digital art making devices out there.

  • The Verge Takes a Look at the New Amazon Fire Phone

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    The Verge recently got their hands on one of the new Amazon Fire Android phones and did a mini-review on the UI. Honestly, some of the stuff they have integrated into this phone (especially the perspective shifting) is pretty cool. Will it take hold? We'll just have to see.

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