• Reebot

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    ReeBoT from ciboulot on Vimeo.

    There's something quite nice about simplicity; we especially like it when it is applied to animation. French director, ciboulot, has embraced that simplicity in his short film, Reebot. One robot trying to get the attention of the humans around him — simple. Of course, the humans won't give him the time of day. What we really enjoyed about the piece was how well the animation was integrated into the live action scenes, not to mention the film being shot primarily at low angles, making the audience relate to the small robot more. Nice, nice work.

  • Casey Neistat for J.Crew

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    We've featured the work of filmmaker, Casey Neistat before. We became a bit obsessed with him after seeing the video on his (rather obsessive) work space in NY. Neistat's films are small vignettes arranged around singular topics. Everything about his work screams DIY, and that's just awesome. In this new piece, he has collected the top 17 traits of a seasoned traveller. The video was done to promote J.Crew's suit, The Ludlow Traveller.


  • Ahoy Chippy

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    The Martin Agency took up the creative reins on this new spot for Chips Ahoy. It's a bit hokey, but we were digging on the animation.

  • Colour Prohibition

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    An interesting take on the use of color from Dulux Paint. BBH London paints (no pun intended) a bleak future in which color is prohibited.

  • Second Story and the Art of Abstraction

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    We threw out some congrats to Second Story yesterday for their nomination at the SXSW Interactive Awards. We thought we'd bring the project to our pages here to give it a little bit of additional limelight.

    The Art of Abstraction website was created for MOMA as an online exhibit celebrating the abstract art movement that took place from 1910-1925. The site explores the movement and the connections between the major artists of that period. The site itself is sleek, minimal and beautiful to look at. We were really into the spider map visuals representing the connections between the artists as well as the strong structural nature of the site.

    Here's a bit about what Second Story had to say about the project:

    “Between 1910 and 1925, a community of artists emerged, brought together by a desire to “lay bare the abstract,” as Vasily Kandinsky wrote. For Inventing Abstraction, 1910-1925, the Museum of Modern Art, in collaboration with Columbia Business School, mapped the interpersonal links between ninety-two early abstract artists. This website extends the museum experience, presenting a dynamic, 3D diagram of the connections between the artists. As visitors interact with the diagram, they can explore detailed networks, view artist portfolios, and draw their own conclusions about influence, impact, and invention.”

  • Skittles is Sufficiently Weird

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    The Skittles campaign just gets better and better and, thankfully, weirder.

  • Leaders of the 3D Printing Revolution

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    We're systematically making our way through all of The Creator Project videos. The documentary team up between Vice and Intel are really inspiring and cover an amazing range of topics that have to do with the creative arts. This installment looks at the leaders of the burgeoning 3D printing movement and some of the amazing work they're putting out. We were amazed by the diversity of projects coming out of this technology.

  • Ioda Media Explores the FRESTcoast

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    FRESTcoast from Ioda Media on Vimeo.

    Here's some new freshness from the Ioda Media camp. FRESTcoast is a documentary exploring Oregon surf culture and their approach to the sport. This short has all the smooth action we've come to expect from Ioda's work, and this should be a solid addition to their growing portfolio.

    Here's what Ioda had to say about the new film, “The dedication that surfers in the Pacific Northwest posses is very inspiring. We set out to learn a little bit more about this community, and their approach to surfing. These are people who don't shy away from the harsh conditions of winter; they embrace it. David Hendrickson of FRESTcoast, let us document his board shaping process and gave us some insights as to what it's like to surf here in the "upper left". Surfing in the northwest requires patience, persistence and passion. All of which David brings to his craft. With performance as the primary focus, FRESTcoast focuses on shaping boards that are designed specific to that rider's style, and the waves they ride.”

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