• Establishing Perceptions

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    This is an older one, but it was new to us.Designer Baylee Hart created this absolutely sublime art magazine entitled, Perceptions 2012. We love the die cut cover and the effect of the fluorescent pink paper emanating from underneath. The attention to detail and care put into the typography of this piece is wonderful. While Baylee captures some great shots of this publication, we'd love to wander through the actual pages and spend some time taking this in a bit more.

  • EVENT: WebVisions Portland

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    We were excited to see that WebVisions has announced dates for this year's festivities. If you haven't had a chance to check out this web-centric conference, then you should jump in and grab some tickets. The annual event always features an engaging group of speakers with extremely relevant topics to the industry as it unfolds.

    WebVisions explores the future of design, content creation, user experience and business strategy in an event that inspires learning, collaboration and entrepreneurism. Since 2001, we’ve built a loyal audience of designers, developers and industry leaders.

    WebVisions Portland
    May 7-9, 2014
    Oregon Convention Center: 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97232
    Check out more details on the WebVisons Website

  • Old Spice Gets Shaved in the Face

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    Terry Crews is back again, and yelling... a lot. This humorous new installment in the odd and frenetic Old Spice commercials made us laugh. W+K has managed to keep this series very fresh.

  • Google Glass Explorer Story

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    Google has been running these interesting little marketing pieces in which they tap cool individuals to see how Google Glass is impacting their work and social lives. The latest to be profiled in superstar chef, Roy Choi. Google called on Anomaly to help create these short biographies. You can check out the whole series over on the Google Glass You Tube page.

  • INDUSTRY: Luke Perkins Joins NORTH as Executive Creative Director

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    Luke Perkins will join NORTH as Executive Creative Director on April 1, 2014. Luke was most recently Senior Vice President, Creative Director at Arnold Worldwide in Boston, where he led the creative teams on the very successful “Let's Make Excellent Happen” campaign for New Balance and on a global campaign for Volvo Cars. Over his career with Arnold and Modernista he has developed creative for a broad range of brands, including the“Driver's Wanted” Volkswagen Beetle and Bono's "Project Red" campaigns and work for HUMMER, Gillette, Timberland, TIAA-CREF, Cadillac and Puma.

    In joining NORTH, Luke will bring an experienced global market perspective to creative work for a client roster that includes Columbia Sportswear, Cliff Bar, Stanley and Yakima. Mark Ray, NORTH founding principal has offered this comment: “We're truly thrilled that Luke is joining us as an ECD. He's created some of the best work this industry has seen in the last fifteen years. But he's also a great addition to our culture, which is equally important to us as NORTH continues to experience phenomenal growth.”

    Luke moves from a large agency to NORTH for the opportunity to work differently, in a more nimble way, with values-based brands that are creating consumer movements. He is also looking forward to the greater intimacy to a project that is possible in a small agency environment, namely getting behind the camera and directing ads.

  • The Roving Typist

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    The Roving Typist from Mark on Vimeo.

    Filmmaker, Mark Cersosimo, recently completed this short documentary about roving writer, C.D. Hermelin. When he was living in S.F. he discovered that he could write stories for people on the streets and they would give him money in exchange for the mini literary masterpiece. Now when Hermalin needs a few extra bucks he heads to different spots around New York (where he currently lives) and writes stories with his typewriter. As crowds begin to gather to watch him work on his old Royal Safari system, he begins to offer them their own custom story in exchange for a small bit of coin. What ensues is an intense session of writing in which Hermalin cranks out witty, humorous and sometimes sad short stories for complete strangers. Brilliant.

  • Oregon Tough

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    Oregon Tough from Joshua VP on Vimeo.

    When you move to the Pacific Northwest you have to spend time exploring the gigantic range of natural beauty and diverse topography we have here in this state. If you're a transplant from another city's creative scene you take it a step further. Joshua VP spent his first year in Oregon traveling the state and documenting it on video. What he ended up with is a beautifully shot testament to our gorgeous state. Take a few minutes to check out this fantastic short and then hop on over to Joshua's site to check out some of his other video work.

  • Welcome to Bleak House

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    While we were skulking around the internet last week we happened upon this very cool video interview with Guillermo Del Toro at his Bleak House. The short is part of the Criterion Collection, but we're not sure if this is something grabbed off a video and put up or if it was done as a small piece of add-on content and then distributed to their You Tube channel.

    Bleak House is Del Toro's sanctuary / work space. He modeled the house after the old curiosity cabinets in which wonders and oddities were collected together and put on display. His house is full of amazing bits of memorabilia, oddities, artwork, music, film and other amazing odds and ends. He mentions that he also took a page from the old Disney studios in which they surrounded their team with as much creative fodder as possible in order to keep them in a highly productive, exploratory environment. We want our own Bleak House now.

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