• The Sketchbook Project 2014 Tour is Coming to Portland

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    Perhaps you are one of the creative individuals that has taken part in the wildly popular Sketchbook Project. The project is simple (and exciting and wonderful), you purchase a sketchbook from the project, fill it full of your wonderful creations and mail it back to the project. Once received, and depending on your level of participation, the book is digitally scanned and entered as a regular catalog item at the Brooklyn Library. Once a year the newest entries are culled together, plopped into a travel trailer and taken around the U.S. to share with the country. It's a fantastically fun project, and one that we our selves are two time contributors to.

    The tour has finally made its way across the country and will be landing in Portland in late June. The tour will make two stops in town before moving on up to Seattle. On June 27th, The Sketchbook Project Mobile Library will be arrive at the Portland Art Museum from 4:00-8:00pm and then returning on the 28th to Director Park from 12:00pm - 4:00pm. More details on the event can be found on The Sketchbook Project Facebook page.

  • What Comes Next is the Future

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    If you're a web designer and developer then this Kickstarter campaign will be of particular interest. Filmmakers, Matt Braun & Matt Griffin, have teamed up to make the ultimate documentary about the web. What Comes Next is the Future explores modern web design and the direction the internet is moving. The duo has gathered THE critical players that are working in the field today as well as many others who have brought the web along to what it is today.

    The project is claiming that this will be the definitive work regarding web design when completed. After watching the introductory video for the project, we would have to agree. Take a look at this short video and then keep your eyes open and this is going to be one of the most exciting creative documentaries to hit in the coming months.

  • JOB: Copywriter @ Santy Integrated

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    Santy Integrated in Arizona is looking for a copywriter. Check out the complete Santy Integrated job posting for more details. Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

    Ed. Note: Hey, PDX. Do you have a position for a local creative opening up? Did you know that we offer really affordable rates when listing open positions? Your ads run for a month and feature heavy Twitter coverage and a dedicated news post as well. In addition, our worldwide network gets over a million hits a month, which is a lot of cheddar.

    We also feature a FREE post option for freelance and intern positions. You can find out more details in our job posting section.

  • New York Times - Modern Love

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    New York Times - Modern Love from Freddy Arenas on Vimeo.

    We can't quite remember seeing animation set to a newspaper article before. We're sure it's happened, but this is our first time coming across it. There is a real beauty to the work filmmaker, designer and animator, Freddy Arenas, has created. We hope this actually becomes a “thing” because it adds so much more context to the story and really engaged us much deeper than we would have just reading the article itself.

  • The Sum Releases Their Second Collection of Handmade Body Adornment

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    COLLECTION 0002 from The Sum on Vimeo.

    The Sum creates hand crafted body adornment (we might call it jewelry) that looks back to the old ways. Their line is “an exploration of why things are made and what we choose to adorn our bodies with”. Collection 0002 is their Spring/Summer 2014 offering that features work made of recycled Sterling Silver, Pyrite, Black Tourmaline, and fine leathers. The minimalist line of jewelry appears well crafted and quite modern, yet it also has the added benefit of “offering its wearers spiritual and holistic beauty if they accept it”.

  • LL Hawkins: Balancing Natural History

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    Hovercraft has finished up work on some branding for L.L. Hawkins, a new mixed-use high-rise in the re-developed Slabtown neighborhood of NW Portland. The building was named after local legend, Colonel L.L. Hawkins who was an instrumental figure in the early development of our city. He was known as an entrepreneur, city planner and collector of oddities as well.

    When approaching the new identity, Hovercraft tried to strike a balance between the area's natural history with the modernness of the new building. The resulting mark is a strong mix of classic and contemporary easing itself between serif and sans-serif type forms.

  • Guiness: Now in a Bottle

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    Illustrtor Gary Lim created these three wonderful minimalist illustrations for BBDO Asia and Guiness.

  • Cinco Design and the EA/Landon Donovan 72 Hour Challenge

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    Landon Donovan - Always In The Game from Cinco Design on Vimeo.

    What do you do when EA calls and wants to do a new World Cup related spot in a mere 72 hours? If you're Cinco Design, you rise to the challenge.

    EA reached out to the Portland design firm wanting to put together a short spot featuring one of the US' greatest players, Landon Donovan, who was left off this year's roster. And while Donovan may not be a part of the action, he's still doing his part in EA’s newly released FIFA 2014 World Cup game. “We aimed for the post to be good natured and celebrate Donovan’s attitude, poke a little fun at the whole situation, and still throw out support for the team and the game.”, Cinco commented.

    Cinco rose to the occasion, creating a fun, slightly humorous spot showing what Donovan will be up to while the rest of the team takes the field in Brazil. About the 72 hour turnaround time Cinco stated, “We couldn’t be more thrilled of this cultural moment and we were happy to let this ride take over. And honestly, forget the jersey. We think Donovan looks better in a bathrobe anyway.”

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