• We're Looking For Submissions! We Want Your Work!

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    Look at those sad looking Twitter and Facebook header images. While we love our movember friendly mascot, Mr. Wiggles, it's not November and, frankly, we're tired of looking at his smug, stylish face. We need the new.

    We had embarked on creating all new header images and going the friendly re-branding route when it struck us (actually, we can't claim credit for it) that we have access to some of the best talent on the planet right at our door step. If we reached out to our favorite creative community would they respond?

    So, here's the deal. We're looking for designers, artists, illustrators and photographers who would like to have their work featured on our Twitter and Facebook banners. You submit the work, we feature it for a month on both banners AND we provide a short write-up/showcase/interview to let everyone know what you're up to these days.

    We're greedy and want it all so please don't hold back. If you have something that would look great on our pages, we're interested in seeing it. Drop us a line on our submissions page with your images sized to around 1000px wide and 500px tall and we'll give it a look.

  • On High, Intel's Llama Mountain

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    The changes in tablet technology over the past few years are stunning. The devices get thinner, while all interior components become smaller and more powerful. Adding to the list of technological achievements in mobile computing, Intel recently released the world’s first 14nm (that's nanometers, which is one billionth of a meter) fanless mobile PC.

    The tablet has been dubbed Llama Mountain, but we prefer the heading they give the tablet in their own literature - “A new kind of battle station”. Portland Photographer, Doug Evans, was brought in to take some product shots of the new powerhouse tablet/mobile computing powerhouse, which was debuted at Computex 2014. The resulting photographs reveal the sleek, attractive nature of this deceptive little beauty.

  • The New Look of OS X Yosemite

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    We like what we see so far. We'll see if the claims of true device interconnectivity and sharing lives up to the hype. It is a very pretty OS, though.

  • Grovemade for Moleskin

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    These beautiful natural leather notebooks from Grovemade are crafted right here in Portland. They come in a variety of light and dark varieties and are sized just perfectly to fit standard Moleskin notebooks. They're a bit spendy, but you know these little loverlies will last for a good long time.

  • How Far Would You Go for Free?

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    Clemenger BBDO has created this interesting spot in which they test participants to see just how far they'd go to get something free. Each person was put into a variety of situations (physical and mental tasks) to see just how much they would endure to get a free packet of Fantastic Delites Curls. We've no idea exactly what they are, but if people are willing to go through all that they must be pretty good.

  • The Game Before the Game

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    Soccer advertising is off the charts right now. Nike has been leading the pack with several fantastic campaigns. Beats by Dre, however, has taken a step into the ring and raised the bar another couple levels. The spot explores the rituals that take place before the game and how Beats headphones play their part in the game before the game.

  • Breaking the Cycle

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    Breaking The Cycle from The Music Bed on Vimeo.

    This documentary explores the work of filmmaker, Jared Hogan, as he reconciles his passion for filmmaking, the realities of life and his religion. We really liked several of Hogan's viewpoints and sentiments about creating work and putting it out there for acceptance. His thoughts are reflections of many of the things we all struggle with everyday.

  • Meet Radly the Good Vibes Bot

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    Radly the Good Vibes Bot from Jolby & Friends on Vimeo.

    Jolby & Friends has upped the ante on cute-o-meter with their little side project, Radly the Good Vibes Bot. The hugely talented illustration duo created this little robotic friend as a thank you for their growing list of clients. The little handmade sidekick features over 80 sayings and drawings that scroll by to keep the viewer entertained throughout the year.

    The accompanying video gives a little behind-the-scenes look on the making of Radly while introducing viewers to the new robot friend. The video was shot and edited by Truen Pence and Evan Gutt with music by the talented Corey Warning.

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