• The Roving Typist

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    The Roving Typist from Mark on Vimeo.

    Filmmaker, Mark Cersosimo, recently completed this short documentary about roving writer, C.D. Hermelin. When he was living in S.F. he discovered that he could write stories for people on the streets and they would give him money in exchange for the mini literary masterpiece. Now when Hermalin needs a few extra bucks he heads to different spots around New York (where he currently lives) and writes stories with his typewriter. As crowds begin to gather to watch him work on his old Royal Safari system, he begins to offer them their own custom story in exchange for a small bit of coin. What ensues is an intense session of writing in which Hermalin cranks out witty, humorous and sometimes sad short stories for complete strangers. Brilliant.

  • Oregon Tough

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    Oregon Tough from Joshua VP on Vimeo.

    When you move to the Pacific Northwest you have to spend time exploring the gigantic range of natural beauty and diverse topography we have here in this state. If you're a transplant from another city's creative scene you take it a step further. Joshua VP spent his first year in Oregon traveling the state and documenting it on video. What he ended up with is a beautifully shot testament to our gorgeous state. Take a few minutes to check out this fantastic short and then hop on over to Joshua's site to check out some of his other video work.

  • Welcome to Bleak House

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    While we were skulking around the internet last week we happened upon this very cool video interview with Guillermo Del Toro at his Bleak House. The short is part of the Criterion Collection, but we're not sure if this is something grabbed off a video and put up or if it was done as a small piece of add-on content and then distributed to their You Tube channel.

    Bleak House is Del Toro's sanctuary / work space. He modeled the house after the old curiosity cabinets in which wonders and oddities were collected together and put on display. His house is full of amazing bits of memorabilia, oddities, artwork, music, film and other amazing odds and ends. He mentions that he also took a page from the old Disney studios in which they surrounded their team with as much creative fodder as possible in order to keep them in a highly productive, exploratory environment. We want our own Bleak House now.

  • WILD Outdoor Apparel Helps You Warm Up With the Burnside Alpha

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    Design house, WILD Outdoor Apparel, has kicked off a crowdsourcing project to develop a new technical lifestyle jacket design. The Burnside Alpha has deep roots to PDX built right into the name. The design feels modern and very portland-esque and is built to work well in the multitudinous amount of rain or snow that we enjoy here.

    The Burnside Alpha Jacket is the perfect fusion of a lifestyle jacket with technical performance, boasting WILD's signature "Mountain to Bar" styling to create technical style with street personality. True to the WILD brand, it uses unique, high quality fabrics (waterproof breathable fabric + Polartec Alpha) to ensure you stand out from the crowd and its performs, whether your on the mountain or in the city.

    The jacket is limited to 120 pieces in a variety of styles. They are still seeking funding, so if you want to lay your hands on one of these beauties be sure to check out the project page.

  • JOB: Team Manager @ Propaganda Labs

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    Propaganda Labs in Denver is looking for a Team Manager. Check out the complete Propaganda Labs job posting for more details. Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

    Ed. Note: Hey, PDX. Do you have a position for a local creative opening up? Did you know that we offer really affordable rates when listing open positions? Your ads run for a month and feature heavy Twitter coverage and a dedicated news post as well. In addition, our worldwide network gets over a million hits a month, which is a lot of cheddar.

    We also feature a FREE post option for freelance and intern positions. You can find out more details in our job posting section.

  • Kobe Bryant Makes Lionel Ritchie Cry

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    Nike and Footlocker celebrate the release of the Kobe 9.

  • The Most Portland Thing About Portland

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    PORTLAND MADNESS - The Incredible Journey to Find the Most Portland Thing About Portland from eROI on Vimeo.

    The folks over at eROI just dropped this rather humorous short promoting their own brand of March Madness. From now until March 20, you can head over to the March Madness website and fill out the brackets on what you think make Portland the most Portland. Starting on the 20th, you will then be able to vote for the Portland items helping to move them through the brackets until there is finally a winning trait that makes Portland the most Portland. Personally, we're largely rooting for tall bikes. Check out the video to see a little more about the upcoming madness and head to the site to get involved.

  • The 2nd Ultimate Light Source

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    We never thought we'd actually be excited about lightbulbs, but some of the stuff Phillips is doing with lighting is pretty cool. The multi-color LEDs that you can control from your phone and that react to stimuli, producing ambient lighting spaces, is fairly impressive. The application of technology on technology blows our minds sometimes.

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