• Mars One Way

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    Mars One Way from VITA BREVIS FILMS on Vimeo.

    The Mars One mission will be a go. By 2024 the first team of four astronauts will be on their way to the read giant. Yet, despite the excitement of heading into space, each astronaut has to face the fact that this is a one way trip. Due to the lack of technological resources on the planet itself there is no possibility for a return trip home. That will be the case for each team heading out until the colony and the technological capability to return home is established on Mars. This interesting documentary by Vita Brevis Films documents the thoughts of five candidates (the pool of people being chosen from is 200,000) who are contemplating the move.

  • Her: Love in the Modern Age

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    We finally had an opportunity to watch Her, Spike Jonez' oscar-nominated film about artificial intelligence, romance and romance with artificial intelligence. Overall, the film was wonderfully intimate, poignant and, in parts, more than a little odd. But there's no denying that it made us think, in large part, about what love means in the digital age. It was a movie that left us with a lot more questions than it answered.

    The Creator's Project must have been feeling the same way as they dedicated a segment to the exploration of the Jonez' film and the impression it left with a variety of people and what their interpretation of what it all meant. If you have some time, take a few minutes to check this out. It's a great dialogue and extension of the film.

  • Fake or Not, the HUVr Board Campaign was Pretty Cool

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    Perhaps you heard a bit about this as it was happening a few days ago, this largely celebrity endorsed video for, what appeared to be, a working hover board hit the internet a few days. There was no mention of this being a prank, and the spot was backed up by a fully developed website, leaving more than a few wondering whether this was the real thing or not.

    Shortly after the release of the mini-infomercial, Tony Hawk came clean, apologized (??) and announced that it was, indeed, a prank. We're not sure if the apology was necessary as it was just a great idea and fairly cool that they managed to pull so many celebrities into the mix on this.

    It does leave us with the question, though, of why? Is this leading up to something bigger? Many have speculated that there might be a new Tony Hawk game coming out and this was part of a larger stunt to gain some momentum for the upcoming release. What ever the reasons, this little spot generated quite a buzz for team Hawk.

  • Facebook Reminds Us That We're Not Alone

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    Facebook celebrates all the things we hold dear in a galaxy far far away.

  • Intel Real Sense

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    Intel RealSense Technology from Cinco Design on Vimeo.

    We had to follow up Cinco's announcement about Shawn Peterson with this little bit they recently finished for Intel. They teamed up with the chip company to help define their real sense technology that pushes the boundary of perceptual computing technology. This short introductory video was developed as part of the CES keynote at which they unveiled the technology.

  • The Questionable Future as Seen by Mitch Frey

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    Fresh from our odds and ends folder comes a wonderful piece from illustrator, Mitch Frey. Many times we come across bits and pieces that are not necessarily tied to a client-related project, but move us to share. This is one of those.

    This piece, in which Frey states, “Sometimes I just draw a blank. It occurs with added frequency, and I wonder what the future will look like.” hooked us. We looked at the image and immediately knew exactly what he was referring to. The alternating line pattern and how it creates the illusion of image the further we move away from it seems to perfectly reinforce the questioning nature of the future. Is it real? Is it not? We've apparently gone quasi-existential.

  • Seattle's Vera Project is Awesome

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    The Vera Project from Patrick Richardson Wright on Vimeo.

    The Vera Project is an all ages venue, recording studio, silkscreen studio, art space, generally amazing teen hangout. The Seattle organization provides a safe place for teens to hang out and explore a variety of creative arts. We'd love to see an extension of this come to PDX. This short film documenting the work The Vera Project is doing was shot and edited by photographer, Patrick Richardson Wright.

  • Van Damme Endures Zero Gravity Split

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    Taking the viral craziness of Van Damme's Volvo splits stunt even further, motion designer, Linh Mai created this interstellar parody of the craziness.

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