• Making the Stark's Emblem from Game of Thrones

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    Making the Stark's Emblem from Game of Thrones from Rextorn Metalwork on Vimeo.

    Did you see the season finale of Game of Thrones. Amazing, right? This little documentary will help to reduce the pain of having to wait for another year until the next season begins. This emblem is beautifully crafted and is just a fun process to watch take place.

    This is the same group that did the recreations of the GOT dragon eggs that we covered back in April. Rextorn Metalworks is doing some masterful work.


  • I AM BIG BIRD Trailer

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    I AM BIG BIRD Trailer from Copper Pot Pictures on Vimeo.

    There are few who do not know the wonder of Sesame Street and its lovable cast of characters. Many of us grew up on that street, and while we cannot claim a physical presence in that most magical of neighborhoods, we were there in spirit and mind everyday of our young lives.

    I Am Big Bird is a documentary that explores one of the most loved characters, Big Bird, and the wonderful puppeteer that has brought him to life over the last 45 years. Caroll Spinney is the only remaining original puppeteer from the Sesame Street team, yet at 80 years of age he continues to bring Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch to life for an entirely new generation of kids.

    This documentary is one that is absolutely not to be missed. This film has been long in the making, but it will be one that is hailed as a defining document on one of the most important popular culture and education resources in history.

  • Ice Cube Says Nice Things Angrily

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    Our end of the day add-on. A recent segment from Jimmy Kimmel in which Ice Cube is asked to say nice things in an angry tone. The result is fairly humorous.

  • Fruit and Flora Calendar

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    The beauty of paint juxtaposed with well handled typography can be a beautiful thing. Local designer, Brieann Burt, has created a gorgeous calendar that pairs strong typographic practice with nearly abstract floral watercolor washes. The result is striking and extremely well executed. We love her unique display of days of the month in a vertical fashion coupled with the cycles of the moon that correspond to their specific day.

  • Event Recap: Ziba Panel Series No. 4 - The Service Economy

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    Ever take the time to count how many apps and services you currently subscribe to and regularly take part in? We did, and the number sat at approximately 50 that we actively use in some aspect of our lives nearly every, single day.

    The digital services ranged from simple family/friend interactions utilizing Twitter and Instagram; business communications utilizing Basecamp and Slack; then there's Groupon, Beats Music, IFTTT, Pocket, Google Hangouts, Feedly, Flipboard, the vacation we logged using Airbnb... you get the idea. What it means is that we are soundly living within a service economy. The manufacturing processes this nation used to rely on to maintain the economy have been in decline for quite awhile. Replacing the shrinking number of factories are startups and companies developing services designed to streamline bits of our lives. The idea is that these services are helping us (or should be) to do more things faster and easier.

    Ziba held the fourth installment in their popular panel series last week, and the topic was the exploration of the service economy and how companies can stay relevant and resourceful in the face of this rapidly changing field. The panel featured Katie Dill, Head of Experience Design from Airbnb; Cliff Kuang, Senior Editor at WIRED and Cale Thompson, Creative Director at Ziba itself. Each of the panelists are either working with a service(s) or writing about them in some fashion through their day jobs.

    What we love about the events at Ziba is how laid back they are. The auditorium is always spacious and comfortable, and the evening generally starts out with a beer or two from the in-house bar to help shake off the day.

    This particular presentation was extremely informative, and it was good to hear from several different perspectives on this growing area and what it means to companies and the individuals working on these types of projects. As always we walked away with a couple pages of notes and quotes as personal takeaways and look forward to attending more of the these informative events at Ziba in the future.

  • Amazon Enters the Digital Music Distribution Market

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    Move over Beats Music and Spotify, Amazon has entered the digital music distribution market with their Amazon Prime Music service. If you already have Prime, then this is a great addition to your existing service.

    In reality, the music service is not yet a serious contender, having a fraction of the depth of content that other music services have. It will be interesting to see, however, how they position and grow the music service in the future. The spot itself leaves a little bit to be desired in production value in that it feels more like a bland, simple marketing message rather than something that gets you motivated to try out the service.

  • A Peek Behind the Curtain of Legendary Surf Company, Hurley

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    Los Angeles Based clothing brand, The Hundreds, just posted this short film covering a day spent in the Hurley headquarters. The Southern California surf company opened its printing studio to the design team of the hundreds and gave a really cool inside look into their process and the space they call home.

  • Instrument Live Action Reel Spring 2014

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    Live Action Reel - Spring 2014 from Instrument on Vimeo.

    Spring reels are starting to show up, which is always a favorite for us. There is an accumulation of so much in the way of motion graphics that they are a great way to see what a studio thinks were their best efforts over the previous months.

    Instrument has just dropped their reel for Spring, and it's a great collection of many of the live action shots from several of their recent productions, including The Build Film and This Place.

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