• Paul Reinwand and the 28 Warlords

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    Check out this fantastic illustration set by illustrator, Paul Reinwand. This was a personal project that originated as a self imposed theme for Satellite Soda's February Draw a Day. Reinwand set a personal goal to create a series that told a complete story within the confines of a single image. The 28 warlords are intriguing, humorous, and at times, a little creepy. Take some time to check out the entire series on Paul's Behance project page.

  • Achoe x Woble x Lohan

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    Smash the System from Nichlas Wærnes Andersen on Vimeo.

    We snatched this straight from our sister site in San Francisco. We're not shamed to announce it. We love watching these guys work. It's powerful.

  • Nike Dares to Zlatan

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    Local soccer craziness is firing up again. Let's celebrate soccer and Zlatan. We weren't even sure who Zlatan was as we're not avid soccer followers, but we watched some footage and damn, we're sold.

  • Stop Motion With Wolf and Pig Is Go

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    We love this. We have no other explanation.

  • Option-G Drops a Little Youth Culture on Am-Ex

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    American Express recently reached out to design firm, Option-G, to help them put a fresh spin on graphics for an upcoming SXSW presentation. They reached out to the Portland firm because of the work they've done with other youth culture brands. Am-Ex is apparently striving to put a bit of a bit of a fresh spin on their brand while attracting a different type of customer. The graphics feel fresh and contemporary and surely will raise a few eyebrows amongst the SXSW set.

  • Supercut of American Signs Shot on a Roadtrip Across the US

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    Ben Churchill decided to film a few signs as he drove cross country. His montage ended up capturing some 236 different signs in total. He managed to capture a little something for everyone. We bookmarked this because there are a few in here that we'd like to have for reference in the future.


  • Cosplay the IKEA Way

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    If IKEA can help a cosplayer get organized then it can work wonders for us.

  • Tokyo Subway System Re-imagined

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    We come across many projects that we don't have much context on, but we want to share it anyway. This re-imagining of the Tokyo subway system was conceived by freelance designer, Mark Elliott Dusk. What we don't know is what context this was created in. Student work? Spec work? Personal project? What we do know is that it is a smart re-design of a complicated system, which takes time and planning.

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