• Van Damme Endures Zero Gravity Split

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    Taking the viral craziness of Van Damme's Volvo splits stunt even further, motion designer, Linh Mai created this interstellar parody of the craziness.

  • INDUSTRY: Creative Director Shawn Petersen Joins Cinco

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    Cinco is happy to announce that Shawn Petersen will be joining them as their new Director of Digital Experience. In this role he'll be helping them further refine and shape the studio's approach to digital brand and product design and will lead creative direction and strategy for many of our most sophisticated technology and digital lifestyle brands. “We’re excited to partner with Sean and the digital team to build on the work we've been doing as well as help us grow in all new ways. This is great news for us as a studio as we continue to build one of the most comprehensive and integrated brand & product design agencies anywhere.”

    Shawn is already a veteran of the team, having been an ACD at Cinco a few years back, leading digital teams creating Mobile Apps, Sport Monitoring, Retail Interactive and Experiential programs. More recently he's been a Creative Director at Instrument leading digital strategy and design for Global brands such as Google, RedBull, Twitter, AnkiDrive, Flipbook, Levi's, Nike and others. Add to that his active role in the design community as an educator, speaker and advocate for digital innovation. All together he brings a depth of experience and passion for design as well as a collaborative spirit that will make him right at home with the their team. “Having him back with us at Cinco is a natural.”

  • The Exploration of Instafame

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    INSTAFAME DOCUMENTARY from Sylvain Labs on Vimeo.

    This documentary looks at the life of Shawn Megira, a teenager from Long Island who has 81K Instagram followers. What do you do with that much fame? What are the ramifications of instant success and social media? What the effects staggering popularity can have on a 15 year old? These are some of the areas this short 12 minute film answer. The short piece was created by Sylvian Labs with the help of Greencard Pictures.

  • Brownish Black - Le System

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    Brownish Black - "Le System" from Banana Stand Media on Vimeo.

    Brownish Black is wonderful, not to mention they sound great live. We don't cover enough music.

  • Craola x Maloney x Ironlak

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    craola x maloney from dope vinyl on Vimeo.

    This is a pretty cool short video featuring graffiti artist, Craola and Hurley designer, Jason Maloney as they work on a large scale mural on the back of Hurley HQ.

  • Run, Portland, Run

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    This is a runner's city to be sure. The miles logged each year by our wonderful running set must number in the tens of thousands, maybe more. To celebrate our fleet feet ways, the fine folks over at Eidograph and DNA Studios have conspired to shed a little light on the phenomenon. The upcoming film, entitled What Moves You? is told from the point-of-view of runners from all walks of life, the film explores the inspiration and motivation that modern cultures associate with running. This trailer gives just a glimpse of what promises to be a beautiful and inspiring film (as we were checking this out one of our writers might have gotten a little misty... who's to say).

  • Sagmeister & Walsh Create Gameshow Based on the Adobe Logo

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    Episode 1, Sagmeister X Walsh from Sagmeister & Walsh on Vimeo.

    Adobe approached Sagmeister & Walsh to interpret their logo in a different and fresh way. The NY design firm took it in a completely new direction and created a five part gameshow putting a new spin on the brand. The above clips is part 1 of the campaign. Recognize any of those designer contestants? You probably should, they managed to grab some big names in the graphic design field including: Stefan Bucher, Jessica Hische, Joshua Davis and Noreen Morioka .You can see credits after the jump.

  • Charlie Rose Oscars Opening Titles

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    Charlie Rose Oscars Special Opener from Al Boardman on Vimeo.

    This is a fun little bit of After Effects done for the Charlie Rose Show. The Oscar-themed titles were created by Al Boardman.

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