• Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

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    Anything would be better than the last one. Honestly.

  • Event Recap: Be Honest 2014

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    Each year we look forward to Portland State University's Be Honest student showcase. As we've attended over the past few years we've come to see that what PSU has going in terms of academic rigor, caliber of lecturers and overall design culture is something of a golden unicorn. The quality of student work year over year continues to improve and impress. Be Honest is perhaps the biggest event that the PSU graphic design department and it's student led design group, Friends of Graphic Design, put on each year. It's surely one of the heaviest attended events that takes place all year.

    We were drawn into so much of the work this year and were impressed by the range of talent and broad category of work on display. The print and illustration work was just as strong as we'd come to expect, and we were happy to see a much stronger representation of interactive work compared to last year's event. With the inclusion of the interactive elements many of these students are looking a little like golden unicorns as well — creatives that traverse both the design and development arms of the field.

    The other fantastic component of Be Honest has to be the networking aspect. With hundreds of creatives in one confined space the conversations that develop as you catch up with old friends and meet new people is always inspiring.

    As we moved along each of the tables of student work we grabbed a mountain of cards from these fresh faced creators. We'll be showcasing much of the work we found over the next few months. While there is a year to go before we see Be Honest surface again, we will be standing in line waiting for the next round.

  • Stay Wild: Justin "Scrappers" Morrison

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    Justin “Scrappers” Morrison may be the most all-encompassing designer around — his work traverses everything from magazine covers to product design to ads. Companies like Wieden + Kennedy, Travel Oregon, Nike, MTV, Warner Brothers have all reaped the rewards of his boundary pushing ways. (If you missed the Hump! promo video, well… don’t miss it). According to Scrappers, “Good ads elevate the human conversation. Good ads remind me to go out there and live life to the fullest before it’s gone. Most ads remind me that there are new snack options at the store.”

    Join the lucky few who will peek into the place where those good ads and great ideas begin. In this conversation, Scrappers will talk about how he sets out on each new creative project like a journey into uncharted territory. Among the topics he’ll share:

    Get Naked — Be honest, be sensitive, and never hold back.
    Be a Human Pocket Knife — Do everything and be prepared.
    Never Polish Turds — Work with good ideas not decorations.
    Robin Hood was Right — Outlaw thinkers are free.
    Be a Folk Artist — Think genuinely crazy thoughts, and tell the truth as only you can say it.

    This event is part of the larger Wild event series and is being hosted by AIGA Portland. This is one that is gonna be worth being a part of.

    Stay Wild: Justin “Scrappers” Morrison
    Friday, May 16, 6:30pm-8:00pm
    Union Pine: 525 SE Pine Portland, OR 97214
    Find out more details on the AIGA Portland event page

  • A Question for the Ages: Why We Create

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    Why We Create – Allie & Adam Lehman from Andy Newman on Vimeo.

    Why We Create – Nick Fancher from Andy Newman on Vimeo.

    Why We Create – Tyler Deeb from Andy Newman on Vimeo.

    Why do we create? What's the drive behind the desire to create something new and wonderful and beautiful? Designers and artists have been trying to answer that question forever. The answer is simply that it varies for each person. Filmmaker, Andy Newman, has started documenting a few of these reasons by profiling different image makers, designers and creative types to explore the reason behind why they create the things they do. Each video in the series so far (profiling Tyler Deeb, Allie/Adam Lehman and Nick Fancher) weighs in at about 3 minutes and does a good job of exploring the process and thoughts on why these individuals are driven to create.

  • Widmer Celebrates Its Long Brewing History with 30 Beers for 30 Years

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    Widmer Brewers has undertaken an amazing journey to celebrate their 30 year anniversary. The brewer is making 30 small batches of beer, commemorating a specific year in the brewers history. They've tapped (pun intended) 30 fantastic illustrators to do the label designs for each of the limited releases, and to date, they've put out the first six spanning the years 1984-1989.

    The labels released thus far have represented the work of Keegan Wenkman, Tim Weakland, Aaron Rayburn, Ethan Allen Smith, Adam Garcia, and Andy Morris. Each of the labels are wonderfully distinct and represent a small piece of history from the Northwest brewing icon. There is also a companion site that lists out information about the beers, the artists that designed the new label and a bit about the artist's inspiration.

  • AIGA Celebrates a Century of Type Design

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    AIGA has dedicated the year to celebrating all things design. They've had their American design review that started a few months ago and now, working with Monotype and Abbott Miller of Pentagram Design, they've set their sights on the last 100 years of type design. Century: 100 Years in Type Design, a retrospective on type design will run from May 1 - May 18 in NYC and will cull together rare and unique works from an array of premier archives in the United States and London. The event will also feature a selection of talks, lectures and workshops throughout May.

  • Rick Rubin Contemplates Music and Spirituality

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    Nowness hit up Grammy winning producer Rick Rubin for his ideas on music and spirituality. Rick reflects on the deeper topics from his sunny home in Malibu.

  • Making It Trailer

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    "Making It" Official Trailer from Anthony Francis Moorman on Vimeo.

    "Making It" Trailer #2 from Anthony Francis Moorman on Vimeo.

    We jumped out of our seat when we saw these trailers. Making It is a documentary by Tony Moorman that looks at what it takes to make a living as an artist in today's market. The film follows three Illustrators, Andrew Bawidamann, Eric Fortune, and Brian Ewing as they talk about the process of building a career over time. In addition to the main three illustrators, the film interviews dozens of other creative types as they reflect on their thoughts about living, working and making it as an artist. Check out more about this fantastic documentary on the official film website. We cannot wait to see this when it comes around.

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