• Adam Haynes Drops the Munny

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    We love the Munny vinyl figures. We're not biased, either. We love collecting various sizes of the friendly little faceless creatures. The printed smaller versions seem to accumulate around our office, while the larger black and white vinyl ones are favorites we keep close on our book shelves. Our favorite type of Munny dolls, though, have to be the hand painted and customized ones that are so popular with artists these days. The beauty on many of the hand painted pieces is amazing — making you want to shell out a couple hundred bones to lay hands on one (not that it has every happened to us, of course).

    We just ran across a custom Munny doll created by Adam Haynes. It's a perfect example of what one of these amazing customized pieces can be. The detail that Haynes has put into this piece (created for a fundraiser) is wonderful. You could spend quite a bit of time just looking at all the little details in this piece. This would be a fine addition to any collection.

  • Adidas World Cup "Black + White"

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    Adidas can really put out some beautiful stuff. With the World Cup revving up in June we are starting to see some fantastic new spots coming out celebrating the event. This spot was the brainchild of TBWA\Chiat\Day. See the credits after the jump.

  • Von Glitschka Brings His 5 Minute Logo Process to WebVisions

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    A couple of days ago we showed the five minute logo that Von Glitschka did for us at last week's WebVisions event. Von was on hand at the behest of AIGA Portland sharing his wonderful illustration talents. The process was simple — provide a name, url and a quick description of the business and voila a several minutes later you had a shiny new logo from Von's iPad. We only got a small glimpse of some of the other logos created, and we wanted to see more. Martha Koenig of AIGA was kind enough to send us a few of the completed logos to share.

  • LAIKA/house Goes Tradicional for Cuervo

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    LAIKA/house teamed up with McCANN in New York recently to work on a new spot for Jose Cuervo Tradicional® beer. Instead of going with a pure CGI solution, they turned inward and went with the more “handmade” solution that has made them famous. The entire 60 second spot was shot on our stop-motion stages using actual handmade elements including 65 puppets and 4-foot tall Cuervo bottles. There is no CGI used in the piece at all. This had to be a huge under taking for the Portland-based animation studio, but the results speak for themselves. The commercial looks fantastic. The puppets, models and sets look great and it was so cool to see these encapsulated mini-environments that helped the story unfold.

    An interesting, and totally geek worthy, byproduct that also come out of this project is the case study LAIKA/house did to show their process while working through the Cuervo spot. The behind-the-scenes is literally packed with dozens of photos and several videos showing the construction of the models, sets and puppets. We wish more studios would pull back the curtain in this fashion so we could get a further look into their processes.

  • Need Something Moved? Call Johnny Express

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    JohnnyExpress from AlfredImageworks on Vimeo.

    JohnnyExpress is a wonderful story about an alien delivery man and the unknown havoc he wreaks on a small planet. Stellar (quite literally) animation from filmmaking team Alfred Image Works.

  • The Return of Frank Aberdean

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    Neon Werewolf Presents - Frank Aberdean: Chapter 2 from neon werewolf on Vimeo.

    Frank Aderdean is back with the next installment of his harrowing adventure. Frank, an inhabitant of the year 1988, has stumbled upon a mystery — one he must solve before the end of the day (it's December 31) and another year ticks on by.

    The Aberdean series is the brainchild of Mako Miyamoto. Under his pseudonym, Neon Werewolf, Miyamoto and team have created the compelling story of Frank and his adventures in a distant past. Check out the newest 6 minute short about Frank and see how he handled that most fateful day.

  • Creative Mornings/Portland: Holly Andres

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    Not sure how we missed this one, but we're making up for it now. Creative Mornings/Portland recently dropped the video for their session with Photographer, Holly Andres. Holly's unique brand of still life photography is wonderful, Yet there is an underlying bit of creepiness that resides just beneath the surface. This short session (weighing in at a just over 33 minutes) goes into detail on Holly's work and more on her process and inspiration.

  • Maynards Discovery Patch

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    First of all, we love to see Aardman and the fun work they consistently create. Whether it's commercials or feature length films, their animation is great. Secondly, the English have odd names for their candy. That's all.

    Credits after the jump.

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