• Creative Mornings/Portland: Mara Zepeda

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    The latest recap video from June's edition of Creative Mornings/Portland has dropped. Reporter, Mara Zepeda, took to the stage at W+K to talk about her work as a reporter, journalism, calligraphy and her work at her new company, Switchboard.

  • Ingenuity and Hustle

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    Official Mfg. Co.: Ingenuity & Hustle from VSCO on Vimeo.

    Sometimes you hear something that just sounds so right that you can't shake it from your collective conscious. We had that moment yesterday as we dug around through the new OMFGCO site and came across this short video that gives a tiny glimpse into what this small team of creators do. The video has a resonance factor that immediately grabbed our interest. We actually went back to the video a couple more times throughout the day just to check out the fantastic juxtaposition of what is new, what is old and the words that unite them both. The video sums it best, “It doesn't matter what the job is. Every detail matters.”

  • Free Shoe Patterns

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    What do you do when you get some free kicks from Adidas? Well, designer Beth Furumasu decided to create this kaleidoscope-esque piece featuring nothing but the shoes as artistic elements. The result is complexly wonderful.

  • Union Wine, Trucking It All Over Oregon

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    Food carts and trucks are nothing new to our little city. On any given day you can roll out the studio and get just about any type of food you're looking for. Personally, we love us some tasty vegan treats pulled from carts out in the Hollywood district, but they city is alive with good food all served from some type of mobile vehicle.

    Union Wine has upped the ante with the development of their version of the food cart, although with a little less food and a bit more booze. The Tualatin-based wine maker has retrofitted an old (and quite beautiful) Citroën H Van that they are taking around Oregon to different events. Keep your eyes open this Summer because we're sure you'll catch a glimpse of this hottie all over the place. Be sure to snap a pic and have a glass of wine.

  • Nike: Make Every Yard Count

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    We've never really understood the game of Cricket, but this new spot from Nike definitely makes us want to gain some knowledge.

  • OMFGCO Redesigns

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    Adding to the growing roster of studios that have been re-designing their sites, the amazing folks at OMFGCO have thrown their hat in the ring. They've debuted an all new digital presence that features a long, panel style site teeming with great content. The page acts as a jump off point to variety of case studies and other inspiring work completed by the small studio.

    The site announces itself right from the start with the bold and beaming slogan “We Build Brands for Visionaries”, of course the fact that it is emblazoned on the side of two NASA space shuttles helps to drive the message home. The new site has a ton of content to sift through, which is a bit different from the old site, but good different.

    Take some time to stroll around OMFGCO's fantastic new digital environment to see what the team has been up to over the past several months.

  • EVENT: AIGA Portland Studio Tour - Fiction

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    Each month AIGA Portland prepares a one two punch of great programming with their popular Studio Tour series, which lets interested individuals tour a local design studio. The tour is then immediately followed up with their monthly dMob gathering — a few beers at great local bar and a chance to extend the conversation.

    July sees the studio tour making a stop at Fiction in SE. Fiction, a brand strategy and design studio stands out for their focus on creating thoughtful experiences that combine the vision, culture and identity of their brands into successful marketing that “tells the truth.” Working on everything from branding to campaigns to conceptual strategy for some of the world’s biggest names – from Oregonians like Sokol Blosser to global brands like Apple, ATB Financial, and Adidas – Fiction looks to emotional design that draws on the everyday search for happiness.

    Wed, July 9, 2014 5:00-6:00pm
    Fiction Studio: 2505 SE 11th Ave #118 Portland, OR 97202

  • Second Story Logo Animation

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    Second Story logo animation from Dorothee de Coster on Vimeo.

    Sometimes the most interesting things come from our own internal work projects. Dorothee de Coster recently finished up an internship with Portland's Second Story. She had an opportunity to create an animated logo for the studio during her time there. The sequence she ended up with is an interesting explorational treatment of the studio's logo in 3D.

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