• hellojojo vs. the Samurai

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    We were struck by the line work, hatching and detail of this piece by hellojojo. We've featured work before from illustrator Jon Jones and his hellojojo imprint, and each time we head back to his site there is a new roster of beautiful pieces to take in.

  • Open Call: Love Bikes? Love Posters? Get in on ARTCRANK Portland!

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    ARTCRANK is a poster show about bicycles. Their goal is to make art as accessible as bikes are, and use creativity to change the way people think about cycling. They also throw amazing parties.

    Right now, ARTCRANK is looking for designers and artists to create original, bike-inspired posters for their sixth show in Portland, scheduled for Friday, June 27.

    To be considered for the Portland show, prospective artists and designers should send an email with three digital samples (URLs or JPG images) of previous work that provide a good representation of your style and skills. Entry is free.

    Do not submit ideas or concepts for an ARTCRANK poster. Only artists who are selected to participate in the show will be expected to produce new work.

    For more details on ARTCRANK and the upcoming Portland show, please see the ARTCRANK site: artcrank.com/portland.

    The Call For Artists is open through Saturday, May 10, so enter today!

    ARTCRANK stages live events featuring bike-inspired posters by local artists and designers. Founded in 2007 in Minneapolis, they’ve staged more than 40 shows in the U.S. and abroad, including events in London, Manchester and Paris. This year, ARTCRANK will stage U.S. shows in Austin, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Chicago, Boston, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC.

  • Event Recap: Austin Kleon Book Signing @wemakepdx

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    We had the opportunity to stop in at Tillamook Station on Thursday evening to check in on the Austin Kleon book signing event hosted by WeMake. We've come to love the variety of events that the WeMake team has been putting together over the past year. Their sketchXchange events are fantastic, the Put A Bird In It competition and the Design Week Portland closing party has developed into a much loved event.

    We hadn't read Austin's new book yet, but we loved Steal Like an Artist, so we were looking forward to hearing him speak. We've been to a couple events in WeMake's new space and what we really like is the low key and comfortable nature of their events. There was a great mix of people who turned out for the event; all wanting to hear Austin's viewpoints on creativity and sharing bits of that process across their network.

    Austin was nothing short of inspiring. He was both humorous and straight to the point — a feature we were not quite expecting. He shared a variety of stories and ideas about creativity and kept everyone deeply engaged with his singular wit. As a result, we have become enamored with the idea of “scenius” and are looking for ways to share bits of our work while casting our nets even further in an effort to expand our networks.

    WeMake has some other fantastic events coming up in the next couple weeks, so keep your eyes peeled and grab up those tickets because you do not want to miss what their cookin'.

  • Kanye vs Creative Director

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    Kaleen Rietcheck recently published this humorous side project that she worked on in conjunction with New York's Concept Farm. The Kanye vs Creative Director site pits the crazy, wild statements of Kanye West against the crazy, over the top statements of many creative directors. As the user progresses through the site they are shown a wild (and sometimes odd) quote to which they're asked to make a determination on who said it — Kanye or creative director. The quotes are much harder to place than we would have expected. Needless to say we suck big time at this game. It's a fairly fun idea, though, and some of the quotes are crazy and hilarious.

  • Pollinate Helps Wilson Celebrate 100 Years

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    Celebrating 100 years of being a business is quite an achievement. We did a little sleuthing and there are only 21,000 companies that can make that claim around the world. Pollinate recently helped sports equipment company Wilson celebrate their centennial by creating a site that retrospectively explores the company's long history.

    ␄Wilson asked us to create an experience for sports enthusiasts to enjoy the deep heritage Wilson has in inspiring and shaping the game of tennis, golf, baseball American football and basketball among other sports,” said Levi Patterson, Co-Founder of Pollinate. “Fans can now be a part of the journey, decade by decade, to experience the true love Wilson has for sports over the past 100 years and to have a chance to win their big ticket to the US Open tennis grand slam event.”

    The site is quite extensive and does a great job of exploring Wilson's history by decade. Some of the ads featured in the sections are fairly humorous. Take some time to check out the site and see some of the interesting history of this interesting company.

  • Nike Readies for World Cup Action with New Jonathan Glazer Directed Spot

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    While not specifically mentioning the World Cup, Nike has given a great nod to the upcoming festivities. Creative duties on this were handled by Wieden+Kennedy.

  • TEDxPortland

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    We're apparently doing a double decker this time around as we shift our focus from the TEDxPortland event to the TEDxPortland website. We were struck by the fantastic monochromatic imagery and sweeping side to side panels that just look great on a wide screen monitor. The site is steeped in minimalism and uses very little color paired with a rock solid content structure. The site works fantastically across devices while staying with it's panel-style, anti-scrolling single screen presentation.This year to accompany the site and the event, there is even an ios app that you can download and use in conjunctions with the event.

    We're not sure who had their gifted little hands in this design, but we are kind of smitten (not in a &$8220;Her” kind of way) with this site and the design tlc that went into it.

  • Tsilli Pines Talks Creative Mornings/PDX

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    We just rolled up on this installment of Pro Photo Supply's Community Profiles video series. Episode 9 features the wonderful, Tsilli Pines, talking a bit about the magic that is Creative Mornings/Portland. The video is not revelatory by any means, but does give a little bit of the backstory on how the chapter got started and their mission.

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