• Portland'5 Center for the Arts Undergoes Massive Rebrand

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    Schnitzer, Keller, Brunish, Winningstad and Newmark. We all know their names — a group of well established theaters that represent a large chunck of Portland's entertainment history. These five venues have been providing diverse arts programming for years, yet not many know that the five are all relatives. Yes, each of the theaters are owned by the same company.

    The owners saw this lack of public perception between the five as a problem, so they approached Sockeye to re-envision the branding in an effort to strengthen community perception. Sockeye created a beautifully interwoven set of marks that pay homage to the nature of the venues while creating that strong visual association. In addition to the new logo system, the team re-designed the company's site giving it a fresh, modern feel. They even re-dubbed the company itself to make it more representative of the public theaters' connection. Overall the newly dubbed, Portland'5, now has a strong, succinct brand that leaves no question of association.

  • Parliament Unveils New Site Design

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    It seems like we've been seeing a decent number of studios around the area undergoing a redesign (or at least something we haven't seen before). Parliament has had a recent update to their digital digs. The site is open, spacious (on the big monitor) and wonderfully minimal.

    We actually noticed the new site design a few weeks ago, but had to wait to circle back around to it. What we found interesting, though, is that the studio seems to be doing a slow rollout of the new site. Every few weeks new, updated sections are released. This is a really smart (and agile) way to go through this process. It's a practice that we could see more studios adopting as it allows you to release a new site design faster while then coordinating rollouts of the remaining areas.

  • XRAY.fm Membership Has Its Privledges

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    Designer Mark Shepherd has designed this wonderful set of badges for XrayFM founding members. These are extremely fun and would be fantastic in sticker form plastered on many things. We love the programming on Xray.fm. If you're looking for an alternative to your current music source then this is a great one.

  • Click Woosh

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    Click Whoosh from reid. on Vimeo.

    Ah, the Polaroid camera. It was (and is) a symbol of pop culture and a design icon. It put instant photography into our hands decades before the idea of a digital camera was ever a possibility. There was just something about that entire process, the format, the way the photos felt in your hands that made it such an amazing source of creativity. Sadly, the days of the Polaroid camera have largely come to an end. As existing film stock continues to decline, the use of this wonderful technology fades into the past.

    Reid, a Seattle filmmaker created a fantastic seven minute short documentary that pays homage to the industry defining gadget. He interviews several different creators who came to rely on the camera as part of their creative process. The film was created a few years ago, but is still interesting to see. It made its rounds through a dozen film festivals between 2008-2010 (including a run in our fair hamlet).

  • Want to Hold an Event During Design Week Portland? Now is the Time to Apply!

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    Design Week Portland has become a staple of the design community in the Northwest. Each year the type and number of activities taking place in October grow and become more diverse. And it's all in the celebration of the wonder that is design.

    DWP has an open call going on right now for events and open houses that are being held during that week (which hits October 4-11 this year). Is your group interested in adding an event to the rich nature of this celebration? Want to open your doors and share your space with the rest of the community? This is your opportunity.

    The deadline to submit your event to the Design Week Portland crew is July 15. So, there is really no time to waste. This is your chance to help shape the conversation during the most important design celebration of the year.

  • Pasemko x Alena Skateboards

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    Skateboard art is one of those special places for us — holding our attention and inspiring a deep fascination in us since we were kids. Over the years we have purchased a variety of decks for no other reason than just wanting to sit around and take the artwork in. When we came across Darren Pasemko's work for Alena Skateboards we felt much like that as we took in the facial structures he has created for these decks. The detail rich, almost tribal masks have a ceremonial presence about them, which make them even more compelling.

  • Big Giant Launches New Site Design

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    Portland design firm, Big Giant, recently re-designed their site. We loved the stark white and bright colors of their last site. This edition is a definite departure from that that featuring full screen images and lots of color variation. The ease of navigation has carried over from the old site to the new one and the most important bits of information are easy to locate.

    Our favorite portion of the new site has to be the full screen images on the home page. They have selected a fantastic array of striking imagery to rotate through the home page of the site. Overall the team has done a great job of re-designing what was already a strong online presence. Take some time to check out what they've been up to and explore their new digital space a bit.

  • Trontonomo Bay Mural

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    Trontonomo Bay Mural - Kyoto PDX - TEASER from Anthony Taylor on Vimeo.

    Anthony Tailor has been busy lately. We featured him yesterday and his ultra short mural preview for the All That is Gold large scale piece being done by Gage Hamilton and Zach Yarington.

    Today we bring Mr. Tailor back with another trailer for a mural piece being done for fashion boutique and gallery, Kyoto PDX. Artist and musician, Grape-God has set about creating a wonderfully complex, hand drawn mural in the Kyoto space. We just wish the trailer was like 10 seconds longer so we could get a better look at this work.

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