• Nepenthes Paisleyi

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    Nepenthes Paisleyi from Dan Corson on Vimeo.

    We're not quite sure how to classify this video we landed on from Vimeo. It's not quite a documentary and not quite a home video. It's essentially a stationary cam with subtitles. What it does feature, however, is of interest. The “Nepenthes Paisleyi” artwork sculptures were established in Edmonton Canada, but were modeled after installation plans from right here in Portland. The sculptures are beautiful and visually respond to one another, creating a variety of light patterns. Our favorite part, however, was the music they dropped over the top of the video. One word: frisky.

  • David Emmite Explores the Plight of the Homeless Robot

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    Living on the street is a hard way of livin', but when you're a robot things can be infinitely worse. Photographer, David Emmite, has created this wonderful photo project (entitled No Botty) in which he explores the idea of robots in a homeless environment. The photos feature a series of older looking robots who are apparently a bit down on their luck. What's a robot to do when they have no place to call home?

  • Hinge Digital x Roundhouse x Adidas

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    adidas Originals SL Loop Runner from Hinge Digital on Vimeo.

    We love the idea of the supergroup. A gathering of teams with exceptional talent to collaborate on a project? The results can be amazing. Sadly, in music, this is many times a dismal failure (Velvet Revolver, need we say more), but within the design and art communities this brilliant collision of dedicated makers can yield wonderful results.

    In one such recent collision, Hinge Digital paired up with Roundhouse to work on a new spot for the Adidas Originals SL Loop Runner. Blending together their own software supergroup of Maya, Mental Ray, After Effects and Nuke, the team has created a strong animated piece for the upcoming shoe.

  • PDX LOCAL JOB: Copywriter @Biamp

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    Biamp Systems in Beaverton is looking for a Copywriter. Check out the complete Biamp Systems job post for more details. Please Note: You must become a member to see jobs posted within the last three days.

    Ed. Note: Hey, PDX. Do you have a position for a local creative opening up? Did you know that we offer really affordable rates when listing open positions? Your ads run for a month and feature heavy Twitter coverage and a dedicated news post as well. In addition, our worldwide network gets over a million hits a month, which is a lot of cheddar.

    We also feature a FREE post option for freelance and intern positions. You can find out more details in our job posting section.

  • Creative Mornings/Portland: Mara Zepeda

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    The latest recap video from June's edition of Creative Mornings/Portland has dropped. Reporter, Mara Zepeda, took to the stage at W+K to talk about her work as a reporter, journalism, calligraphy and her work at her new company, Switchboard.

  • Ingenuity and Hustle

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    Official Mfg. Co.: Ingenuity & Hustle from VSCO on Vimeo.

    Sometimes you hear something that just sounds so right that you can't shake it from your collective conscious. We had that moment yesterday as we dug around through the new OMFGCO site and came across this short video that gives a tiny glimpse into what this small team of creators do. The video has a resonance factor that immediately grabbed our interest. We actually went back to the video a couple more times throughout the day just to check out the fantastic juxtaposition of what is new, what is old and the words that unite them both. The video sums it best, “It doesn't matter what the job is. Every detail matters.”

  • Free Shoe Patterns

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    What do you do when you get some free kicks from Adidas? Well, designer Beth Furumasu decided to create this kaleidoscope-esque piece featuring nothing but the shoes as artistic elements. The result is complexly wonderful.

  • Union Wine, Trucking It All Over Oregon

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    Food carts and trucks are nothing new to our little city. On any given day you can roll out the studio and get just about any type of food you're looking for. Personally, we love us some tasty vegan treats pulled from carts out in the Hollywood district, but they city is alive with good food all served from some type of mobile vehicle.

    Union Wine has upped the ante with the development of their version of the food cart, although with a little less food and a bit more booze. The Tualatin-based wine maker has retrofitted an old (and quite beautiful) Citroën H Van that they are taking around Oregon to different events. Keep your eyes open this Summer because we're sure you'll catch a glimpse of this hottie all over the place. Be sure to snap a pic and have a glass of wine.

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