• Turnstyle by Design

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    One of the most interesting projects in our minds are the ones where a designer is asked to employ their talents in designing a site for another studio. Hood River designer, Brett Schwager, recently finished work on a new minimalist site design for Seattle graphic design firm, Turnstyle Design. The new site replaces an older Flash style site and was designed to be fully responsive and device agnostic. We really like the minimalist approach taken with the design and how that slight framework places the work of the small firm front and center, allowing clients to quickly get into the work. Designers working for, and with, designers. Wonderful.

  • Adidas, Originals Redefined

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    adidas INSTINCT "All Originals Redefined" from Pander Brothers on Vimeo.

    adidas COURT ATTITUDE lifestyle from Pander Brothers on Vimeo.

    adidas 2013 RH INSTINCT product from Pander Brothers on Vimeo.

    Jacob and Arnold Pander are a creative team of filmmakers who have been working on a series of Adidas brand and lifestyle films. Their film work has been featured all over the place including MTV.

  • Be Weary of Wolves

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    This is some beautiful work from illustrator, Samantha Mash. The piece entitled, Weary of Wolves, has a dark presence while completely captivating our tiny minds. You can see more of Samantha's work on her wonderful website.

  • Field Armor 2 Moto Boot

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    Industrial designer, Justin Pyle, recently posted the designs for the new Field Armor 2 Moto Boot from Icon. He and his soft goods design team, JBird Collective, worked on the motorcycle footwear crafting it from a list of materials that sound more like they belong in military gear than in men's footwear (Leather and ballistic nylon chassis, axialmetric steel shank, etc.). The resulting boots are simply futuristic cool. They look well suited to protecting your feet while giving you a touch of that Road Warrior spirit.

  • Field Notes Brand: The Shelterwood Edition

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    Field Notes Brand: The Shelterwood Edition from Coudal Partners on Vimeo.

    The trailers for the new Field Notes releases just seem to get more and more beautiful. The production value of these short pieces are increasing exponentially with each release. We could have sat and watched another 10-15 minutes of this type of footage. The 22nd seasonal release from the Field Notes brand is no less impressive.

    The Shelterwood edition features covers made from actual American Cherry wood, sliced ever-so-thin and bonded to a substrate of kraft paper for durability. These booklets look fantastic. We found ourselves wondering how brittle the covers are on these, but they look like they are built to hold up. Field Notes continues to impress.

  • Continue to Survive the Invasion

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    Intel - Survive the Invasion EP2 from Randolph Sellars on Vimeo.

    Intel - Survive the Invasion EP3 from Randolph Sellars on Vimeo.

    We came across a couple more episodes of the Quango x Lyon Films collaborative series of spots for Intel's Survive the invasion campaign.

  • Jolby and Speedo Go for the Gold

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    A few months ago Jolby & Friends were tapped by Hello Design to be one of five teams to create a custom cap design for Speedo's Art of the Cap project. The team was paired with Gold Medalist Cullen Jones and provided a set of fantastic illustrations for his Speedo swim cap. Proceeds from the sale of the cap will go toward USA Swimming Foundation's Make a Splash Initiative that teaches swimming in underserved communities. While we've never been in love with idea of wearing a cap while we swim, we might be convinced to break that rule if we could don one of these little beauties.

  • The 7 Wonders of Oregon

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    Wieden+Kennedy worked with Travel Oregon on this great little spot featuring The 7 Wonders of Oregon. What do you do when you live in perhaps the most naturally stunning regions in the world and none of it makes the wonders of the world list? You go film all the amazing beauty the region has to offer and promptly call out (school house style) those wonders of the world and show them what you've got.

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