• Roundhouse Casts a Line for Redington

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    We've always liked the idea of fishing. It seems weird that we live in one of the best areas in the country for fishing and a few of us have never been. After coming across the Redington site, which was recently designed by Roundhouse, we started thinking that maybe we've been missing out. The site is extremely pretty from the image selection to the page architecture. The site responds and breaks down really well to smaller mobile sizes, and we love the open nature of the entire site. We actually had a chuckle as we were exploring the fly fishing rods page of the site and one of our editors walked by and thought we were looking at Harry Potter wands for sale because the page does not show the entire rod due to size restrictions.

  • Nike Golf: Play in the Now

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    Hilarious take on the development of the golf ball.

  • Evan King Explores the Classics

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    Classic monsters are right up our alley. We had not come across illustrator, Evan Kang's work before, but these under water nasties immediately caught our attention. We love the highly stylized nature of these pieces — the classic Creature of the Black Lagoon-esque monster and the more “full figured” alternate version. We'd love to see what Kang could do with the rest of classic creature pack.

  • Hawaiian Airlines Mobile App Spec Style

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    Art Institute student, Kurt Jay Rasos, recently finished this spec project on an Alaska Airlines mobile app. Kurt's goal was to make the app easy to use and accessible for the frequent flyer. The color palette and design elements were designed to represent the feeling of being in the clouds. The interface has a nice flow to it with tightly structured screens that make the information highly accessible and easy to navigate. We love the student work.

  • INDUSTRY: Billups Hires Industry Hall of Famer as Chief Strategy Officer

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    Rick Robinson, an expert and visionary in the out-of-home media industry, has joined Billups as Chief Strategy Officer. Rick is an industry veteran who resides in Los Angeles, with 27 years of experience spanning every job and type of work possible in the space. He is a member of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America Hall of Fame, and is sure to be an economic and creative force at Billups.

    Following a merger with Strategic Outdoor Shop in January 2014, Billups is now the country’s largest independent out-of-home media agency with 80 employees across 14 cities. The company has placed the highest priority on hiring elite talent. Ben Billups, CEO, says, “Rick is an excellent fit with the Billups culture, and brings the type of strategic capability that we’ve been searching for. His industry expertise and focus on relationships will add value on all levels. I look forward to the leadership that he’ll challenge us with every day.”

    Robinson brings an impressive pedigree of client and brand experience to the Billups team. This move provides him with an opportunity to lead a group of smart, dedicated, resourceful employees, and to help shape the culture of a company at the forefront of the out-of-home media space. “I’m excited to join a company with such a commanding investment in its clients, its people, and technology. They’re in it to win it and so am I,” said Rick.

    Ben Billups started the company with the foresight that technology would be an industry game changer. Billups’ has invested in a platform that simplifies and streamlines the entire media planning and buying process, and will enable them to deliver the highest-quality, most-efficient services to their clients. Rick observes, “Billups’ investment in talent and technology has set our team up to deliver the right message, in the right place, at the right time for our clients.”

  • Malcolm Lee Warms Up the Canadian Countryside

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    Architect, Malcolm Lee, worked with Brian White & Chelsie Lee to create this beautiful warming hut. The lines on this are wonderful and the design is strikingly modern. The idea of seeing this after a cold day in the snow is almost a warming thought in itself.

    Here's a bit of what Malcolm had to say about the project on Behance, “The form of the warming hut recalls the indigenous structures of Canada's frozen landscapes - from early teepees to contemporary ice fishing huts - and borrows from them a central (in this case radial) organization. Dropped onto this frozen public space, the shared center of the warming hut encourages chance meetings with other strangers out skating on the frozen river, and acts as a momentary social condenser, bringing together a diversity of Winnipeg citizens.”

    We'd love to stumble across this somewhere locally. We'd probably never want to leave.

  • Color Designer for Footwear? Check.

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    That's check as in, if we were double checking a list of careers we'd love to have this one would be on it. We've shown Matthew Hall's work for Adidas before, but he has one of our favorite gigs — deciding which colors can be applied to our much beloved clamshells. It might seem easy, but we seriously think this would have to be a very difficult job. We're very particular about the color combinations we see the Superstars in. Matthew does a great job of making us want all of them.

  • Welcome to Hardmill

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    Hardmill // Seattle WA from Watertown Films on Vimeo.

    Started by two brothers, Seattle's Hardmill makes some amazing hand crafted bags and aprons. The workshop aprons are obviously their current area of focus. Each one is tailored to meet their exacting standards of craftsmanship. The short does a good job of getting the viewer into the physical work that goes into each piece they create, and the site just hits that home as you can see (up close even) just what goes into making something of this quality. The piece was done by Watertown Films.

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