• INDUSTRY: Luke Perkins Joins NORTH as Executive Creative Director

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    Luke Perkins will join NORTH as Executive Creative Director on April 1, 2014. Luke was most recently Senior Vice President, Creative Director at Arnold Worldwide in Boston, where he led the creative teams on the very successful “Let's Make Excellent Happen” campaign for New Balance and on a global campaign for Volvo Cars. Over his career with Arnold and Modernista he has developed creative for a broad range of brands, including the“Driver's Wanted” Volkswagen Beetle and Bono's "Project Red" campaigns and work for HUMMER, Gillette, Timberland, TIAA-CREF, Cadillac and Puma.

    In joining NORTH, Luke will bring an experienced global market perspective to creative work for a client roster that includes Columbia Sportswear, Cliff Bar, Stanley and Yakima. Mark Ray, NORTH founding principal has offered this comment: “We're truly thrilled that Luke is joining us as an ECD. He's created some of the best work this industry has seen in the last fifteen years. But he's also a great addition to our culture, which is equally important to us as NORTH continues to experience phenomenal growth.”

    Luke moves from a large agency to NORTH for the opportunity to work differently, in a more nimble way, with values-based brands that are creating consumer movements. He is also looking forward to the greater intimacy to a project that is possible in a small agency environment, namely getting behind the camera and directing ads.

  • Oregon Tough

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    Oregon Tough from Joshua VP on Vimeo.

    When you move to the Pacific Northwest you have to spend time exploring the gigantic range of natural beauty and diverse topography we have here in this state. If you're a transplant from another city's creative scene you take it a step further. Joshua VP spent his first year in Oregon traveling the state and documenting it on video. What he ended up with is a beautifully shot testament to our gorgeous state. Take a few minutes to check out this fantastic short and then hop on over to Joshua's site to check out some of his other video work.

  • WILD Outdoor Apparel Helps You Warm Up With the Burnside Alpha

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    Design house, WILD Outdoor Apparel, has kicked off a crowdsourcing project to develop a new technical lifestyle jacket design. The Burnside Alpha has deep roots to PDX built right into the name. The design feels modern and very portland-esque and is built to work well in the multitudinous amount of rain or snow that we enjoy here.

    The Burnside Alpha Jacket is the perfect fusion of a lifestyle jacket with technical performance, boasting WILD's signature "Mountain to Bar" styling to create technical style with street personality. True to the WILD brand, it uses unique, high quality fabrics (waterproof breathable fabric + Polartec Alpha) to ensure you stand out from the crowd and its performs, whether your on the mountain or in the city.

    The jacket is limited to 120 pieces in a variety of styles. They are still seeking funding, so if you want to lay your hands on one of these beauties be sure to check out the project page.

  • Kobe Bryant Makes Lionel Ritchie Cry

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    Nike and Footlocker celebrate the release of the Kobe 9.

  • The Most Portland Thing About Portland

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    PORTLAND MADNESS - The Incredible Journey to Find the Most Portland Thing About Portland from eROI on Vimeo.

    The folks over at eROI just dropped this rather humorous short promoting their own brand of March Madness. From now until March 20, you can head over to the March Madness website and fill out the brackets on what you think make Portland the most Portland. Starting on the 20th, you will then be able to vote for the Portland items helping to move them through the brackets until there is finally a winning trait that makes Portland the most Portland. Personally, we're largely rooting for tall bikes. Check out the video to see a little more about the upcoming madness and head to the site to get involved.

  • Wexley School for Girls Puts the Value in Value Village

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    Find the Find (Lamp) from Wexley School for Girls on Vimeo.

    Find the Find (Onesie) from Wexley School for Girls on Vimeo.

    Find the Find (Dress) from Wexley School for Girls on Vimeo.

    We keep hearing about a trend that is returning people to the thrift stores as the "new" stop in their shopping experience. Rummaging through the slightly used and discarded has apparently come back into fashion. Yet, while other cities seem to be returning towards the second hand, we're not sure that Portland and Seattle ever left that trend the last time it was popular. Stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army and Buffalo Exchange are hugely popular in the Northwest, and who doesn't love 50% off a good sweater vest?

    Seattle locals, Wexley School for Girls, has dropped a bit of their charm and wit into another popular thrift store brand, Value Village. Each of these spots peek in on a few bargain hunters as they shop in the Village - highlighting a bit of the old gold as they –Find the Find”.

  • Ziba, In the Business of Saving Lives

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    SAM Junctional Tourniquet from Ziba Design on Vimeo.

    Every time we've been inside Ziba HQ and nearly every time we've been on the website we're end up being blown away by the stuff the PDX design firm is kicking out. This short three minute video for the SAM junctional tourniquet is fantastic. The tourniquet was designed to help save soldiers who incur a pelvic injury. It's an elegant and utilitarian design that surely started saving lives from day one.

  • Mix and Match

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    Collage is fantastic. Several of us spent quite a bit of time in our earlier art eduction pouring over magazines looking for oddities that we could clip and glue together. This fascination with the form has continued on into the digital realm as we now look for odd images from around that web that can be mixed and matched to create something new and unique.

    We were immediately drawn to Ryan Bubion's digital collage work for many of these same reasons. There is a certain rhythm to his pieces and they show a strong eye for matching complimentary patterns and imagery. We then moved on to Ryan's portfolio, entitled Pretzels & Cupcakes and found a whole slew of other great work that we need to work into the site at some point.

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