You think you got a good idea? (PIE) Portland Incubator Experiment v2.0 is a good look for you.

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We found this electronic missive from Portland Incubator Experiment's General Manager, Rick Turoczy and Nick Barham of WK.

It was a little more than a year ago when a motley band of W+K'ers, technologists, entrepreneurs and ne'er-do-wells got permission to gather in the old PICA/Icebreaker space at the corner of NW 12th and Davis in Portland, Oregon, to try something different.

Taking the name "Portland Incubator Experiment", or "PIE", we banded together with local techies and thought leaders to build a techno-cultural social hub for Portland, launch new businesses fast, build platforms/cultural disruptions – and expose W+K to iterative speed culture. We felt there was a lot to learn from each other, and that putting tech startups inside W+K might generate cool stuff. We had some ups and downs, and we learned a lot.

If you haven't heard about it, it's because we didn't talk about it much. Our unwritten rule: keep our mouths shut until we had something to say.

Now we're talking. We'd like to share with you what's been going on, and what's happening today.

Because we are damn excited.

In our first year, PIE was home to 20 startups, generated 3 venture-backed companies, hosted a wide range of seriously geeky events and produced a book on fast innovation (it may not wow the McSweeney's crowd, but it's legit).

This year we are taking off our stealth paint. Down at the corner of 12th and Davis on the first floor of the W+K building, we are relaunching a fresher, more delicious PIE.
PIE 2.0

This time around, Wieden+Kennedy is joined by brand partners Coca-Cola, Target, and Nike. We'll all work together with technology innovators and entrepreneurs to explore and redefine brand experiences. PIE will continue to serve as a hub for the tech community, entrepreneurship, and creative thinking, but now we'll help brands find unexpected solutions, accelerate new businesses and keep innovation at the forefront of what we do. Each brand will provide mentors for the participating start-ups; they and a network of tech entrepreneurs, geo-location wizards, mobile gaming experts, open source advocates and techno-cultural disruptors will look to make communications products more compelling and our lives at W+K a little more interesting.

In brief: PIE 2.0 is seeking 8-10 brand-collaborative startups who've identified an emergent opportunity in brand-aligned and business-aligned hardware, software, services or experiences - and we're particularly interested in mobility. Applicants need an existing prototype or proof of concept, a willingness to relocate to Portland from Sept 1st to December 15th, and have a scalable, viable idea deployable in 3-9 months. Most importantly, they need a strong, collaborative management team - with a minimum of two founders – who want to work with some of the world's greatest brands.

Got a great idea? Submit it!


Love it! Best of luck to everyone involved.

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