First Thursday at Wieden + Kennedy: W+K 12 Student Work, Ninkasi Beer, Sokol Blosser Wine

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Wieden + Kennedy’s experimental student advertising school will show off its hard work this First Thursday in the lobby of W+K. Sponsored by Ninkasi Beer and Sokol Blosser winery, come meet some of Portland’s rising stars.
From press release:
W+K 12
W+ K 12 First Thursday Show
Thursday, July 7
6-10 p.m. | FREE | All Ages

Wieden + Kennedy Lobby

224 NW 13th Avenue
Wieden+Kennedy and the 7th class of W+K 12 are pleased to invite you to “Fail Gloriously”, an art show and reunion of all 84 W+K 12 graduates that opens on Thursday, July 7 from 6 – 10 pm in the lobby of Wieden+Kennedy. The show will run through July 29.
W+K 12 is an experimental advertising school within the walls of Wieden+Kennedy. For one year, students come together to concept and produce ad campaigns for local businesses and non-profits.
The school’s motto is “Fail Harder,” a reminder that it’s okay to fail. Learning how to do new things and succeed at them takes time, hard work and making mistakes. We believe trial and error is the key to all progress.

We recognize that each W+K 12 student takes a huge leap to come here, work harder than they’ve ever worked before and do the best they possibly can. But still, sometimes they fall on their faces over and over and over again, and this makes them stronger and more successful. They don’t just fail, they fail gloriously. Please join us to come see W+K 12 do what they do best: “Fail Gloriously.”
Special thanks to Ninkasi Brewing Company and Sokol Blosser Winery for sponsoring the show.


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