The Oregon Zoo

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Art Institute freshman and photography student, Jordan Lacsina, recently snapped these pics of some of the animals at the Oregon Zoo. We were struck by the quality of the shots and how well they captured the nature of these animals. We like how Lacsina was able to frame the images in a way that made them seem like they were in their natural environments. The soft focused backgrounds and strong, vibrant colors make these pictures even stronger.

We were equally impressed by just how good these animals look, which is a testament to the fine folks at the Oregon Zoo.


I agree with this article. There are few photographers that can capture moments like these. Jordan has an eye for what nature tries to communicate with each passing moment.

I haven't yet been to the PDX zoo -- and these pictures make me want to go! Great job, Jordan!

These photos are incredible. Mr Lacsina's passion for his art is evident in the meticulous way that each photo captures the innate beauty and strength of each creature. I look forward to more from this young artist.

Great Job!! Jordan. Looking forward to seeing more!!

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