Roundhouse in Portland is looking for the perfect person to help them out. Could it be you?

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They're looking for somebody who will direct the overarching business relationship with the Xbox account. You will be overseeing current digital/social media projects and facilitating communication and business objectives for future campaigns, creative concepts and strategic pitches.

Also check out our posts to our right. Post a job if you are looking for high-end talent.

Full-time (Portland): $150
Full-time (Network-wide): $400
Freelance + Internships: Free

In addition to posting a job locally on this site, you can can now recruit from across North America by choosing to run your job across the entire Egotist Network – 25 sites located in major cites throughout the US and Canada.

Jobs will be posted within two business days upon submission and will remain up for 30 days. Only Egotist Members will be able to see the job posting for the first three days. Both Members and non-Members will have access to the posting after that.

If you can't see it now, become a Portland Egotist member! And you'll see the light.


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