Interface Design – Mark Coleran’s fantasy into reality

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Coleran Reel 2008.06 HD from Mark Coleran on Vimeo.

Mark Coleran is the designer for all the futuristic computer interfaces for movies like The Bourne Ultimatum, Children of Men and Mission Impossible 3. He is currently the design director for Bonfire Labs who specifically hired him for his fantasy user interfaces. Before the complexity of the internet, open-source computer platforms and the capabilities of many desktop work terminals, computer interfaces were designed with no grounding in any design reality. Some were so fantastic that it was ridiculous. Other times, they looked terrible and would do things that many computer programmers would do “face palms” in their minds. Coleran takes time to actually build up-and-coming user interface concepts in his film work. For example, Apple purchased a concept that users may be able to see in their iTunes player. His background in film work, engineering, electronics and graphic design help him develop his UI projects. Take a look an the article here.