The Portland Egotist presents, “How not to advertise in this day and age.”

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Ok, some advertising, marketing and design agencies might take some missteps in producing work. It’s part of territory. We all agree it gets tricky to promote your business, externally as well as internally.

Some of it is technique, some of it is authenticity, and some of it is just luck. But if you miss 2 of the three points you might be asking for some damage control. After watching the video this might make you hate your fellow advertising man even more. Not sure if this was intentionally leaked for many to see, but it shouldn’t have left the drawing board.

For those who are in advertising, whether you like it or not you have a responsibility NOT to create stuff like above. Check out the fallout here. Not sure about PHD. It seems like they made an impression. See further here.

We got this from our cousin in Toronto