Using Your Brain as a Designer

by / September 9, 2013 /

Originally posted on Atomicdust's blog.

“I really like it.”

Probably one of the most important things I learned in design school, and subsequently in the working world, is that “liking” a design is not sufficient enough. That’s what separates art and design; art is subjective, design is communicative. It’s also, like Atomicdust Creative Director Mike Spakowski often says, [Read More]

The Pitch Season 2, Episode 1. Hunks Get Screwed.

by / August 19, 2013 /

You know, I said I wasn’t going to watch this season of The Pitch. Last season infuriated me to the point of bursting a blood vessel or two.

But I’m an ad freak. I love the business, and I love watching reality shows about the business. Even if they illustrate how completely fucked up this industry is.

Oh, there are huge spoilers in this by the way. If you haven’t seen it yet, bookmark this page for that moment immediately after watching it,[Read More]

Toronto Edition: In 20 Words or Less What’s Your Creative Philosophy

by / August 19, 2013 /

In 20 words or less, what's your creative philosophy? What a great question that surely would generate some very creative responses. The SF Egotist first took to asking San Francisco based creatives that very question, the response was a wonderful glimpse into the thought process of some very talented creatives.

We decided to take the very same question to Toronto creative[Read More]

When Brand Building Becomes Personal

by / June 6, 2013 /

Jared Dunten is a lot of things. Copywriter. Artist. Father. Husband. Paraplegic. Fighter. That last one probably should have come first.

In 2000, Jared dove into the Rio Grande, on the Texas/Mexico border. He woke up days later in a hospital 400 miles away. He’d broken his neck and injured his spinal cord.

Doctors said he’d be lucky to breathe on his own again. Walking? Best to forget about that. But the doctors underestimated him.

In the 13 years since the accide[Read More]

No Rubbernecking. Avoid the Marketing Technology Collision.

by / May 28, 2013 /

There is a constant collision happening every day in marketing. It's the collision between marketing and corporate IT.

And those constant collisions create a bottleneck for innovation, speed to market and adaptive marketing.

Today's marketing is more than just strategy and creative. It also involves technology and the utilization of technology to deliver a marketing message. It's not just about being innovative, but leveraging innovation as an early adopter or first-mover.

[Read More]

Dear Jr Creative, Earn Your Place. You’ll Be Better For It.

by / May 21, 2013 /

Dear Jr Creative,

I’m a firm believer in earning your keep, starting from the bottom, doing the less than desirable well, before moving up.

Prove yourself on what seemingly matters little, and people will notice. I promise.

At the very least, I promise I’ll notice. Because it’s the unorthodox grind of a route I took.

I was a rich kid from the suburbs. I was embarrassed by it. I hated it. It was a 90’s thing.

In High School, and in Gen-X “rebel[Read More]

Strategizing is for Prom Queens

by / April 30, 2013 /

I hear the word “strategy” thrown on just about everything. Like rhinestones on a South-Texas-prom-queen’s dress, “strategy” is too often a cheap and easy bedazzle on everything from PowerPoint slides, to someone’s superfluous commentary in a meeting that is already running too long with too many attendees. Anymore, in my day-to-day, Strategy is quite the loose little buzzword.

Often, it is a noun, as in “brand strategy” or “I am a strategist." Sometimes it is an adj[Read More]