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Type Of Work:
Date Posted:
November 2, 2020


We are looking for a local individual (no companies, or recruiters) to help with general WooCommerce development. We have extensive Wordpress knowledge coding themes from scratch, but are looking for an Individual who can help supplement additional knowledge specifically related to WooCommerce.

* High competence in WooCommerce development.
* High competency with using WooCommerce API and Hooks to integrate custom functionality into the templates/functions.
* A reasonably deep understanding of all the WooCommerce options in the Wordpress Admin. Enough to be able to train a client in how it works, running reports, etc.

Bonus Points:
* HUGE bonus points if you have experience with the "Point of Sale" WooCommerce plugin. woocommerce.com/products/point-of-sale-for-woocommerce/

What Can You Expect?
Work can be done remotely. We often communicate over chat, or quick video calls throughout the day as needed.

The amount of hours will be highly variable. I'm primarily looking for someone to lean on so we can sell in more WooCommerce projects, and to help guide our existing ones as needed.

The pay is also related to your skills. Let us know your normal rate and we will see if it fits.

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