• Animator, Matt Seely’s New Reel Shows Wide Range of Talent

    by / June 21, 2018 / Animator, Matt Seely, recently dropped his 2018 animation role. His work is a throwback to mid 90's to 2000's style animation. What we especially appreciated is that all the work contained in his reel is the result of work he did on his own. In an age where we generally need to rely on a crew of people to get anything done, it's nice to know the one man show still exists out there. [Read More]

  • A Garbage Story Makes Trash Look Amazing

    by / May 2, 2018 / A Garbage Story is a fantastic short documentary from Brooklyn-based studio, rota6. The short seven minute film follows Nick DiMola, a bonafide trash connoisseur, as he remembers a career spent digging through the discarded items of others. Some of the treasures he's picked up along the way are amazing. If you're into "junking" ( ™DDC Industries ;), then this a great short to spend a few minut[Read More]

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

    by / May 1, 2018 / Eleven million of you out there have taken this little special effects beauty into your hearts. We are all waiting for late May and everybody's favorite smuggler. There's still a lot to see + experience with Ron Howard helming the latest installation of the franchise. From what we see here it's off to a good start...although, we are not crazy about the whole "Spielberg" style find all of a charact[Read More]