Shit to Hit: R/GA Studio Tour

by / July 5, 2018 / Join AIGA Portland for their upcoming tour of R/GA, a global agency with a long-time history in Portland. They will be exploring their new office in the Pearl. Come learn about their work in Portland and what makes R/GA an agency focused on transformation. Find out more info about the event.[Read More]

L.L. Bean Takes Work Outside

by / June 21, 2018 / Outdoor clothier, L.L. Bean, has decided to show the benefits of working outdoors in their Be An Outsider campaign (hash #beanoutsider). For the summer they've partnered up with Industrious, a co-working disruptor, to create an outside, mobile collab work environment. The facility will travel around the U.S. giving workers the opportunity to do a bit of the daily grind in the great outdoors. It st[Read More]

Animator, Matt Seely’s New Reel Shows Wide Range of Talent

by / June 21, 2018 / Animator, Matt Seely, recently dropped his 2018 animation role. His work is a throwback to mid 90's to 2000's style animation. What we especially appreciated is that all the work contained in his reel is the result of work he did on his own. In an age where we generally need to rely on a crew of people to get anything done, it's nice to know the one man show still exists out there. [Read More]

Travel Portland and House Special Share All the Wonderful Things that Make Portland, Portland

by / June 13, 2018 / Travel Portland always seems to creatively step out on the ledge—hiring creative companies that do a great job of showing PDX in that just so "Quirky" kind of light that we all love to bask in. House Special worked with Travel Portland on this great series of 30 second animated looping sequences highlighting various bits of the Rose City. We love the fact that they included the naked bike ride. [Read More]

TypeCon Returns to PDX for 20th Year Event

by / June 13, 2018 / Just a few years ago (2013) we reached out, penned a proposal, and worked closely with the (then) TypeCon planning committee to bring the national conference series to our fair city. Until that point, TypeCon had never been held in Portland and there was concern as to whether the city would be a strong enough draw to bring type aficionados from around the world to our small corner of the Pacific[Read More]