Desert Dreamscape


By The Portland Egotist / /

Desert Dreamscape from Paul Searle on Vimeo.

Sometimes the work that’s the most fun is the work we do for ourselves. This stop motion short coming out of the Maxine Denver camp is just such a project. Both Paul and Kelly Searle rolled up their sleeves on this one, pulling inspiration from the desert and some of the animation work they saw at XOXO. They did a great job creating their dream-induced filmscape. We recommend watching it a couple times to get the full impact. Every so often there’s even a shot in there where you can see someone’s (Paul?) thumb placing a piece of art, which is just brilliant. The film is rough, but it’s meant to be. It’s exploratory, and honestly, we wish more creatives would put up their personal projects as that’s where the real unbridled creativity exists. A much more in depth look into their process on this project can be found on the Dreamscape project page.