Moving Forward: The Portland Egotist Re-Launch

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How does the song go? “What a long, strange trip it’s been”? A lot has changed since we took over the editorial duties of The Portland edition of the Egotist Network. Over the past five years we have diligently explored the creative scene here in Portland, examined and shared work from regional and global agencies, met and worked alongside local studios to promote their amazing work, supported and fostered local design education, helped to foster local design programming—even helming petitions to bring local and global conference series’ to our fair city. Overall, it’s been an amazing half decade filled with some equally amazing work.

Over the past five years we have diligently explored the creative scene here in Portland…it’s been an amazing half decade filled with some equally amazing work.

It’s fitting that as we move onto the next visual iteration of The Portland Egotist that we take time to look back and assess where it is we’ve come from and what we’ve achieved, so we can prepare for the future.

What sits before you is the second visual iteration of our fair publication. It’s a new look and feel stretching across each of our sister publications—a step into the future both editorially and technologically. Yet, this new design is not meant to be a stark departure from where we have been visually, but rather, a subtle evolution born of, and paying homage to, its predecessor. Here’s a few of the broader changes designed to enhance the publication’s experience:

Responsively Adaptive: New Lines of Function and Form

Perhaps the biggest change from the previous version of the site has to be its new adaptable nature to interactive devices. Responsive and intrinsic design are concepts that have been gaining a lot of ground over the past few years. We are happy to have finally made that transition and to provide an enhanced reading experience regardless of a chosen device.

Attendance is Everything: Broadening the Event Section

The functionality of our new event section has been broadened to allow registered users to submit their own events now. This will allow users to have more control over the text, images, and event details than ever before. We do, of course, retain the right to moderate incoming events in order to keep the quality level at its peak. This will allow us to feature events surrounding the creative fields as we always have, while enabling us to preemptively weed out other events that are off target with our mission.

PDX Ego job submission form

We have introduced the ability to submit events to The Egotist site.

The Price of Success is Hard Work: A New Robust Job Board

Our job board has completely re-tooled, providing the same great service we’ve had in the past, but with a few new features and add-ons, designed to help support agency and company staffing outreach needs. We are in the process of streamlining our job board pricing to fit in with the current local job scene. These adjusted prices will, we believe, provide even more value to local recruiters, agencies, and companies submitting jobs—allowing them to directly reach a local creative-based audience numbering into the thousands.

PDX Egotist Featured Job Section

The PDX Egotist Featured Job Section is a great way to feature your job post across the site, making it more viewable to users.

Membership is Everything: An Ode to the Social

Perhaps one of our biggest areas to get an overhaul was in our member section. As a member, you’re still able to upload work into a portfolio the we provide free of charge. Additionally, we have enhanced our sharing functionality and included even project and blog functionality that will allow you to operate your portfolio section much like you would on a Behance or Dribbble type of service. This is just another resources designed to help creatives post and share their work. We even offer a new service that allows your member page to be featured across the site for seven days.

Egotist Featured Profile Section

The Egotist featured profile section showcases members across the site.

As with most large scale editorial and design changes, it takes time to push the vision forward, a task we look forward to with great anticipation. We believe in the work created in this city. We thrive upon the energy generated by the local Portland creative community, and we look forward to continuing to build this thing we’ve started. We hope you will make the journey with us.

~Egotist Editorial Staff


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