Keeping Portland Weird: World Naked Bike Ride #keepItWeird


By The Portland Egotist / / As we dig through the mounds of content generated each week by the local creative community there is a lot of stuff that falls below the threshold of what we would consider sharing on these pages. Yet, many of those things we are just odd enough to also be uniquely intrinsic to what we think makes Portland wonderful. So, we’ve decided to share some of them from time to time and let your creative freak flag fly. If you’re into it, share it. If not, just sit back and enjoy some of what makes Portland great. The first in our series is a gimme. It is covered every year by various media outlets and has been one of the defining events to grace the streets of PDX each year. Yes, it’s the Naked Bike Ride. Once a year citizens of our fair city take to streets, shedding their clothes for a worthwhile cause. Being free, and well…naked (as the name implies). We came across this short video that we thought summed up the event perfectly. It’s a nice mix of style and design by local art mag, Stay Wild. The black and white imagery, the slow motion effects, all juxtaposed with those fat, neon sans-serif titles says it all. It’s Portland, it’s weird, and it’s okay.

  1. Snap Agency - Minneapolis Web Design November 29, 2016

    We've got one of those too :) Go naked bike rides!