Industry: Grady Britton Invests in New Hires


By The Portland Egotist / / Portland-based boutique creative agency and certified B Corporation, Grady Britton is celebrating the addition of eight new hires over the past three months. From Senior Art Directors, Designers, Public Relations and Digital Marketing Specialists, the eight newbies increased the overall agency’s size by over a third within just a few short months. And, according to Paige Campbell (co-owner at Grady Britton) this extremely rapid growth goes much deeper than just adding new faces to the team. Grady Britton has called Portland home since before the city became inundated with the sea of ad agencies. It’s an old school shop, but there isn’t anything old school about our work and values. We are taking a stand against the “sell, sell, sell” status quo. As a B Corporation, Grady Britton chooses to only work with clients that have dedicated their businesses to making tomorrow better than today. With a client roster that includes companies like Travel Portland, Bob’s Red Mill and Guide Dogs for the Blind, this stance sometimes even means saying “no” to work and capital when it involves a partnership that goes against our values. “I want Grady Britton to be a business that fulfills people and is an enriching part of their lives and adds to our community. We will never deviate from that,” explains Grady Britton Co-Owner and President, Paige Campbell. “Our recent growth is a great sign that we are succeeding at being ourselves and doing great work for great companies doing great things. It’s harder to lead a good business rather than just a profitable one, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. As the world changes, we want people to be changed too.” In today’s world, good often has an uphill battle. The team at Grady Britton believes in using our talents for good, to ultimately help the good guys (and gals) win. The addition of these eight new hires brings Grady Britton’s team up to 31 more people in Portland fighting against old ways in the agency world. Grady Britton welcomes: Ethan Nguyen, Senior Art Director Michael Frediani, Creative Service Manager Andrew Dunlap, Senior Account Manager Lauren Howell, Digital Project Manager Karen White, Designer Liz Rudolph, Assistant Account Manager Stephen Mollett, Digital Marketing Specialist Sophie Ey, Public Relations Intern – – – Have a press release for your agency or studio that you think is important to announce to the community? Send your releases to us and we’ll be happy to keep the community informed.