Designer & Illustrator, Colby Nichols, Launches Self-Published Story, Blink


By The Portland Egotist / / Colby Nichols, one half of the founding force behind Jolby & Friends, has launched a new small self-published book entitled, Blink. The short story focuses on, “humanity, perception and fate told through bold color and dramatic pacing.” Diving into the book a bit, Nichols managed to harness what might best be likened to the work of the old dadaist practitioners. There is a feeling of minimalism and a surrealist atmosphere that give the small publication an almost ethereal, breathy feel. The story is compelling, playing with juxtaposition and layout as a method of storytelling which aids the flow and pace of the book, making it a solid read. Taking into account the diverse reading styles of today’s populace, Colby is offering the book online as a PDF (free of charge) and a limited edition print run which is being distributed by Buy Olympia. Take a bit of time to check out this solid bit of fiction work from one Portland’s design champions. It’s well worth the time.