Mixing Clay At Aardman Studios is a Downright Science


By The Portland Egotist / / Adam Savage had the rare opportunity to do a short segment at Aardman recently in which he spent time getting the run down on the clay mixing process used for the their claymation process. Who would have thought that mixing clay would actually be close to a science and a definite craft. For instance, ensuring that there is consistent color in the clay from batch to batch sounds like a nightmare. Is this really a thing? How about fine tuning the consistency of the clay using things like powdered chalk and petroleum jelly? Mind blowing. Yet, the team at Aardman puts in the time to make sure that clay meets their exacting standards. Frankly we’re better off for it. As a side note, do you watch the Tested YouTube series with Adam Savage? His post Myth Busters project is an amazing resource if you’re into file, tech, and building. Check it.