W+K and Travel Oregon Reveal Why Oregon is the Best


By The Portland Egotist / / Sometimes you just get a sense of when something you’re working on is gold, and this spot for Travel Oregon has to be one of those moments. Did the W+K team know that they were creating an instant classic when they set down to start storyboarding this concept? We hope they had an inkling of what they were embarking on. This animated spot has been getting a lot of coverage in the press over the last week or so and with very good reason. The creative team managed to create a commercial highlighting the beauty of our state, while infusing it with absolute wonder and whimsy via a page right out of Hayao Miyazaki’s playbook. From the giant rabbits to tea in a cloud filled balloon ride, this minute and a half short is just gorgeous and shows what advertising can do at its best moments through engagement and wonder.