Event: Round-Table Discussions: UX-related topics


By The Portland Egotist / / The PDX Design Research Group is gathering for an evening of round-table discussions related to UX research. This is an opportunity for members to discuss issues that are top of mind. Round-table discussions will include: 1. Research methods (Remote, moderated testing; Mobile testing, etc.) 2. Getting a seat at the decision-making table / Working with product managers (and selling them on the need for design research) 3. Testing the limits of interaction design The PDX Design Research Group is a multidisciplinary networking group focused on the role of research in the design of products, services and systems in business, government and non-profits. They welcome perspectives from all disciplines, including human-computer interaction, design, market research, and the social sciences, and others. Meetings are held every other month in downtown Portland, and include speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and other events, with opportunities to network and discuss relevant topics with fellow research professionals. Round-Table Discussions: UX-related topics Wednesday, March 21 // 6:30 – 8:00 PM Pacific Northwest College of Art: 511 NW Broadway // Portland, Or // BridgeLab room, northeast corner of 1st floor COST: $5. Members are free. GET REGISTERED