Industry: Swift Agency Adds CTO and Announces Changes to its Executive Team


By The Portland Egotist / /

Strategic, creative agency Swift is pleased to announce the following changes to its leadership team:

Maren Elliott will oversee recruiting, retention and employee development strategies as Chief Talent Officer. Elliott was previously Chief Operations Officer and has been with the agency for 10 years.

Paul Wille will apply his deep data science expertise to grow and manage the business as Chief Operations Officer. Also a longtime Swift leader, Wille was Formerly Chief Performance Officer and President.

Swift believes that people are the most important part of any organization and it is the agency’s responsibility and privilege to provide opportunities for growth, a supportive work environment and focused development for each individual. This charge recognizes that employees need different things to thrive—and taking the time to learn and address these nuances leads to better functioning teams.

“I want Swift to be a place where employees feel supported to bring their best selves through our doors every day and, in turn, do amazing work,” says Elliott, who began her career in talent acquisition. “We’re committed to helping employees achieve meaningful ways to grow and contribute.”

Wille brings an innovative, data-led approach to evaluating and evolving operational processes across finance, resources, operations and systems to help grow the business and make more room for creativity. In parallel with Elliott’s mission to attract and cultivate exceptionally talented people, Wille aims to minimize staff’s administrative duties and free them up to focus on producing great work.

“Our business is in constant change; we need to anticipate, plan and invest accordingly to drive a healthy culture that leads to client and employee satisfaction,” Wille says. “It’s a complex challenge but we’ll define and analyze the problems, just like we do when developing brand strategy and campaigns for clients.”

Adding the role of Chief Talent Officer elevates the importance of recruiting and development at Swift, installing a dedicated advocate for employees at the leadership level. Elliott and Wille will work in tandem to further Swift’s strong history of internal and external collaboration.