Bend or Bust: A Design Roadtrip Exploring Seattle, Portland, and Bend


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Bend or Bust!

Get on the bus! CivilizationFISK and Bend Design are considering organizing a 2-day road trip to take Seattle and Portland designers to Bend, Oregon for the Bend Design Conference. The road trip would include stops in Seattle and Portland with design-related events and entertainment. They’ve been scheming about planning this trip for a while now and now want to get feedback from fellow designers before so they can move forward with planning.

They are looking to get feedback about the possibility of putting together a trip of this type. If you are interested (or not interested), take a moment to fill out this incredibly short survey about the trip. You can find the survey at

In thanks for filling out the survey, we’ll put you on a list of people that will have first dibs on road trip tickets. Thank you!

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