Travel Portland and House Special Share All the Wonderful Things that Make Portland, Portland


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Travel Portland always seems to creatively step out on the ledge—hiring creative companies that do a great job of showing PDX in that just so “Quirky” kind of light that we all love to bask in. House Special worked with Travel Portland on this great series of 30 second animated looping sequences highlighting various bits of the Rose City. We love the fact that they included the naked bike ride. That’s extremely Portland. The work was part of a Travel Portland 2018 campaign.


Client: Travel Portland
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Animation Production: HouseSpecial
Director: Mark Gustafson
Creative Director: Kirk Kelley
Executive Producer: Lourri Hammack
Producer: Julie Ragland
Art Director: Gee Staughton
Editor: Cam Williams

Illustration: Alan Long
Character Designer: Aaron Sorenson, Alan Long
Art Director: Gee Staughton, Nikie Monteleone
Production Design: Jenn Ely
Layout: Stephen Bodin

Head of Technology: Alvaro Cubillas
After Effects Animators: Stephen Bodin, Karl Richter, John Corbett
Technical Director: Karl Richter, Patrick Van Pelt
VR Technical Director: Hamilton Barrett
Modeling, Texture Artist: Nikie Monteleone
Lighting Artist: Matt Reslier
Rigging Artist: Patrick Van Pelt
PreViz/Layout: Greg Kyle, Beavan Blocker
CG Animator: Greg Kyle
Nuke Compositor: John Corbett

Animator: Aaron Sorenson
Assistant Animator: Stephen Bodin

Production Coordinator: Alix Iverson
Production Assistant: Alex Webster

Tape Room Operator: Hamilton Barrett
Editorial/Post Dept. Manager: Cam Williams

Wieden + Kennedy
Portland, Oregon
Head of Content Production: Ben Grylewicz
Creative Director: Hal Curtis
Art Director: Danielle Delph
Copywriter: Adam Tetrault
Producer: Byron T. Oshiro, Mari Joe
Acct. Supervisor: Kimmy Cunningham

Travel Portland
EVP of Marketing & PR: Greg Newland
Vice President: Ajay Date
Marketing Coordinator: Michelle McKenzie


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