Industry: Vancouver Developers Join Forces in New Slack Group Focused on Networking and Community Support


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Bedroom communities can often take a back seat to their larger, more suburban neighbors. In the case of Portland’s small Washington-based neighbor to the North, Vancouver, the design and development communities there have long lived vicariously through their Oregonian cousins. But something is changing. A newly formed Slack-based networking group, Vancouver Developers Group (or just VanDevs for short) are looking to create some community a little closer to home. The group’s early charter is simple: Connect and support developers / coders / programmers who live in, or work in the city of Vancouver, WA. The goal is to build community.

vancouver developers website homepage

The group was started by Brian Ferdinand and Erin Lynch of the Vancouver-based design studio, Shop as a way to unite the local developer contacts that they were meeting and working with on a regular basis. The founding organizer list has also grown to also include Jeremy Ross of Indevver.

When asked about why these types of networking communities are important, Ross stated, “As in any industry, bringing together a group of developers into the same room makes us all stronger and validates us in a way that outsiders can’t. Developers are, by nature, a pretty solitary bunch, so when we have a place to gather and share ideas, it’s all the more inspiring. When it comes to creative projects, we’re the ones that are given the task of taking abstract ideas and making them work. The skill with which we execute on that can make or break a project. When developers have the right tools, attitudes and approaches, we can make magic happen, and when we do that, everyone thrives.”

The group’s new website launched last week and they are accepting members now. If you find yourself coding in Southwest Washington, this would be a great opportunity to participate in a growing community of developers, a great opportunity to network, and an opportunity to develop a resource base + adding to the community of shared knowledge. 



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