Industry: NOVA NIMBUS is the Newest Creative Studio to Set Up Shop in Portland


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NOVA NIMBUS is a new creative studio based out of Portland, Oregon founded by Anthony Benedetto and Courtland Urbano.

Anthony Benedetto is an award-winning illustrator and designer with works ranging from book covers to music packaging, and from movie posters to children’s books. Anthony studied at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and graduated with a BFA in Illustration.

Courtland Urbano is a highly recognized composer, music producer, and sound designer who has produced music for over fifteen studio records. He is a founding member of the group Beautiful Eulogy, and has also composed musical scores and sound design for a variety of commercial clients.

The team of Urbano and Benedetto have a long collaborative history that will serve the company well, “For the last 4 years we have been working together at a record label called Humble Beast to create a wide range of art forms. We have worked on album packaging, apparel design, music videos, short films, photography, branding, web design, animation, book covers, poster art, illustration, musical scores, sound design, album production, social media campaigns, live events, etc. While working for Humble Beast, the two of us were also offering these same services for other companies as freelancers. We have been fortunate to work for a variety of great clients including Blue Moon, Red Bull, Adobe, Invisible Creature, Crossway, Moody Publishers, B&H Publishing Group, BF Goodrich, Arrow Electronics, Jordan, and more.”

When asked about the genesis of their new company, the duo related that, “The fact is, we work really well together. And because we have such a great friendship, and creative connection, we were like, ‘Let’s start a studio!’ So we decided to build a company where we can continue to combine our abilities. We have given all of this much thought and we have been taking all of the necessary steps to start up a business like this. We have decided to call our studio NOVA NIMBUS.”

NOVA NIMBUS will be a multi-disciplinary studio creating illustration, design, film scoring, sound design, and more for our clients, but we will also be creating our own original works independently, such as films, animation, fine art prints, music and merchandise.

One such project is an, “IndieGoGo campaign to raise enough money to cover our first year of overhead while we build clientele. But, since we’re starting a creative company, we thought, we should create something.”

Anthony has illustrated an original fine art print titled, “Modern Romanticism”. This illustration was created to celebrate the beauty of the Oregon landscape, our love of mid-century modern aesthetic, and the wonder our imaginations produce. The print comes in a 24″ x 7″ or 36″ x 10.5″ size with a 1” border to make framing easier.

Courtland has compiled a selection of his unreleased instrumentals which they’ve titled, “Glass Cloak”. This album is a 19-song collection of rare tracks that he’s produced over the years, some of which have never been heard before. “We’ve put this album together to give you guys an experience of the varying range of soundscapes he creates. We feel that these perks are fitting because they are a meshing of our audio and visual palette and a foretaste of what we hope to produce as a company.”


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