Psyop and W+K Take Coca-Cola to the Streets


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Portland agenies, Psyop and W+K, recently teamed up to create this street-inspired short spot for Coca-Cola. Despite the playful nature of this piece, it was a serious undergoing (just look at the credit list) with a couple dozen creatives jumping into the fray to get this animated piece produced. The result is solid and has that unique, quirky feel that PDX seems to lend so much of the work out there these days.

Client: Coca-Cola
Creative Director: Hal Curtis, Erik Fahrenkopf
Art Director: James Moslander
Copywriter: Adam Tetreault
Sr. Integrated Producer: Chris Capretto
Group Planning Director: Henry Lambert
Group Comms Planning Director: Alex Barwick
Account Director: David Hughes
Account Supervisor: Heather Morba
Creative Manager: Amanda Claire
Designer: Greg Jacobson
Director of Film Craft Ben Grylewicz
Executive Creative Directors Eric Baldwin, Jason Bagley

Director: Kylie Matulick, Todd Mueller
Managing Director : Neysa Horsburgh
Head of Production: Drew Bourneuf
Executive Producer: Christine Schneider
Producer: Mei-Ling Wong
Associate Producer: Jacob Markson
Designers: Paul Cayrol
3D Lead: Pavel Pranevsky
2D Lead: Kim Stevenson
VFX Shoot Supervisor: Diego Vazquez
FX Artist: Liam Griffin
CG Generalist: Todd Kumpf, Caleb Ollivant
Rigger: Josh Sobel
Lighter: Isaac Irvin
3D Animator: Melik Malkasian
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan, Max Forward, Tory Sica
Compositor: Austin Brown, Krystal Chinn, Jonathan Iwata, Brinton Jaecks, Lane Jolly, Tingting Li, Brendan Smith, Danny Song, Laurence Parsons
Flame Artist: Amir Qureshi, Brandon Sanders, Sam Shiflett, Adam Flynn
Editor: Lance Pereira
Assistant Editor: Rob Cavedo

GOLDEN WOLF (2D Animation/Design)
Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson
Executive Producer: Dotti Sinnott
Head of Production: Tania Baptista
Producer: Eva Dahlqvist
Production Assistant: Ana Hoxha
Character Designers: Anthony Sekyere, Charles Bigeast, Nick Stoney, Ditte Wad
Art Director: Ewen Stenhouse
Animation Lead: Rory Byrne
Animators: Bishoy Gendi, Thomas Eide, Alain VuGaia, Lamiot Thea Glad, Tim Dillnut, Stephanie Mercier, Frankie Swan, Eliot Roucco-Trenouth, Inbal Breda, Reg Isaac,
Compositor: Laurence Parsons, John Wilkinson, Matthieu Landour

Music Arrangement: Robert Miller
Sound Design: Bill Chesley @ Henryboy
Mixer: Jeff Payne @ Eleven


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