Career Tools | Visible x [Has Heart]: Bridging the Gap Between Design & Social Causes

May 18, 2018
8:00 AM to 9:30PM
CENTRL Office Eastside: 329 Northeast Couch Street Portland, OR 97232
$20 Non Members / AIGA Members Check Pricing

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This Career Tools event will feature a moderated discussion between VISIBLE board member Cara Ungar and [HAS HEART] co-founders, Tyler Way and Kendra Clapp Olguin. They will discuss the process of setting up a non-profit, finding partnerships and funding, and all the nuts and bolts of getting their respective projects off the ground.

The event will also include a short recap with Judith Burger, a Portland-area military veteran who participated in in [HAS HEART]’s 50 States project. She’ll share her experience collaborating with [HAS HEART] and give crucial insight into what it’s like being a “client” of a non-profit that brings creatives and veterans together. Click here to watch Judith’s HERO[series] filmed at Nike HQ with artist, Rich Tu.

This Career Tools is geared towards anyone seeking advice on advancing their social good-related passion project.

Join us for a morning of learning the ins and outs of starting a non-profit and working with groups from under-served communities. Snag your ticket now and join us Friday morning, May 18 from 8–9:30 AM. We will greet you with coffee and donuts at CENTRL Office’s east-side location. See you there!


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