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January 27, 2021


This is a full-time, 100% Remote position.

The account director leads the coherence strategy, acting as the primary strategic-level contact for several accounts. The AD is responsible for ensuring successful client relationships through delivering great work, growing and renewing accounts, and providing ongoing team member development.

Not only does the AD help in many aspects of the sales process, they are primarily responsible for the creation of contracts for retainer or project-based work. They work with each team to scope, and help set expectations with the team once it is signed. They also work closely with the sales team on RFPs.

In the sales process, they help the Operations team understand capacity and any hiring needs. They help guide the hiring process by working with Operations to find the ideal candidate and vet them for culture and GWC (gets it, wants it, capable).

The AD is involved early on in the strategic process. Working in tandem with the Insights team, they help create and present the insights and coherent marketing plans based on business objectives. Once the coherence framework is established, the AD drives campaign execution closely with the Account Supervisor role (who is the primary day-to-day contact with the client).

They stay closely involved with the client results in the monthly reporting process, ensuring that KPIs are aligning with stated goals, and in coherence with the strategy.

The AD supports their teams by helping develop areas of digital marketing expertise and act on that knowledge through their work.

An AD thriving in their role is constantly checking in with their teams, helping alleviate inevitable but manageable client challenges and has a strong relationship with both the client and team. They ask tough questions and help keep the team and the client headed in the right direction. The relationship is built on honesty, accurate expectation setting and caring.

Knowledge + Skills

A background in Advertising, Marketing or Business
A background in Digital Marketing of 6+ years
Strategic Development
Paid Advertising
Project Management
Relationship Management
Willingness to always work on leadership
B2B Digital Marketing experience a huge plus as is HubSpot experience

Key Responsibilities

Sales Support as needed
Development of annual retainer renewals
Team Relationship and development

Understanding and acting on customer goals
Client relationship

Using our values in your day-to-day work
This role works most closely with the values of ‘Creating Valuable Relationships’ and ‘Leading with Humility’. The team and client relationships are at the heart of this value, along with any third party contractors they work with. Creating valuable relationships doesn’t mean that they are ‘Yes’ people. It means they have a keen understanding of business and team goals, can push back when needed and keeps everyone on course. They must approach this with humility in order to maintain trust and understanding with the team.

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