• WordPress Enters the Next Phase of Evolution

    by / December 8, 2018 / WordPress has become a staple of the web design community. The content management framework at last count was responsible for powering 30% of the top 10 million sites—making it one of the most successful web design and development platforms in history. The newest version of the software, lovingly dubbed "Bebo", sports some hefty modifications to its previous incarnations. The new short spot for [Read More]

  • Psyop and W+K Take Coca-Cola to the Streets

    by / December 3, 2018 /   Portland agenies, Psyop and W+K, recently teamed up to create this street-inspired short spot for Coca-Cola. Despite the playful nature of this piece, it was a serious undergoing (just look at the credit list) with a couple dozen creatives jumping into the fray to get this animated piece produced. The result is solid and has that unique, quirky feel that PDX seems to lend so much of the wo[Read More]

  • Sans Forgetica, the Typeface Designed to Remember

    by / November 27, 2018 / Remembering things in this crazy, fast paced, digitally overbearing world can be a bear sometimes. Hello Sans Forgetica, a new typeface specifically designed to aid memory retention when reading. The full featured typeface was created as a joint project between academic and research teams from RMIT University and the Behavioural Business Lab. The font uses cognitive psychology and the principals[Read More]

  • Manifold Helps Uber Build Larger-Than-Life Car Radio Stage to Showcase Austin Uber Drivers / Musicians

    by / October 16, 2018 / Uber believes that movement ignites opportunity. What better way to provide opportunity to local Austin musicians (who also drive on the Uber platform) than to invite them to play their original music live on stage during one of the country’s largest music festivals. Each day of the music festival (which was held in early October), music fans were invited to join the experience at Uber Radio Li[Read More]

  • Industry: Carter Jensen Joins Latitude

    by / October 16, 2018 / Carter Jensen has joined Portland design studio, Latitude, as a Senior Retail Innovative Strategist. Carter previously worked for Fallon in Minneapolis where he led digital strategy for brands such as Anheuser Busch, Silk, International Delight and the Venetian Las Vegas. Jensen's experience and passion for strategy, retail, and technology have put him in a unique position within the industry. [Read More]

  • Ad Week Covers the Rebranding 70 Years in the Making: Ogilvy & Mather

    by / June 5, 2018 / Ad Week just dropped a great article covering the re-brand of one of the most iconic ad agencies ever: Ogilvy & Mather. The image change has been in the works for quite awhile and marks the first major brand update to the agency in roughly 70 years. What was once Ogilvy & Mather is now simply reduced to Ogilvy and packs a whole new minimalistic aesthetic stretching across all agency touch [Read More]