• Psyop and W+K Take Coca-Cola to the Streets

    by / December 3, 2018 /   Portland agenies, Psyop and W+K, recently teamed up to create this street-inspired short spot for Coca-Cola. Despite the playful nature of this piece, it was a serious undergoing (just look at the credit list) with a couple dozen creatives jumping into the fray to get this animated piece produced. The result is solid and has that unique, quirky feel that PDX seems to lend so much of the wo[Read More]

  • Travel Portland and House Special Share All the Wonderful Things that Make Portland, Portland

    by / June 13, 2018 / Travel Portland always seems to creatively step out on the ledge—hiring creative companies that do a great job of showing PDX in that just so "Quirky" kind of light that we all love to bask in. House Special worked with Travel Portland on this great series of 30 second animated looping sequences highlighting various bits of the Rose City. We love the fact that they included the naked bike ride. [Read More]

  • PDX Illustrator, Dani Loureiro, Discovers Great Little Places

    by / May 15, 2018 / Illustrator, Dani Loureiro, completed a series of fantastically detail rich maps for Great Little Places in London. The series explores several different areas, including boroughs of London, London proper, and New York City. Loureiro also did a full scale world map, which features gorgeous typographic structure and layout. The overall detail and attention to layout is fantastic. These would be a[Read More]

  • Ryan Peltier Arrives in the Astral Plane

    by / May 1, 2018 / We rolled across some of the work of Portland-based illustrator, Ryan Peltier, and we were immediately enthralled. His style (and this piece in particular) has an almost collagey-type feel to it, and yet, it is all basic illustration work. We do truly love when one thing (in this case illustration) can take on the appearance of another (the other being collage). This work Ryan did for W+K really s[Read More]