• Patti Labelle Sings the Alphabet

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    Why? Because we can. Happy Friday.

  • Tiny Story

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    Tiny Story from Sebas and Clim on Vimeo.

    A wonderful little demonstration of the powers of narrative design. Just a few elements, a grid, some type and a little animation and the opportunities are endless. This wonderful little piece was constructed by Sebas and Clim.

  • Creative Mornings/Portland: Mara Zepeda

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    The latest recap video from June's edition of Creative Mornings/Portland has dropped. Reporter, Mara Zepeda, took to the stage at W+K to talk about her work as a reporter, journalism, calligraphy and her work at her new company, Switchboard.

  • Facebook Gets Summer Friendly

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    They're a little late to the party, but hey, why not extend out the wonder of football a bit?

  • Ingenuity and Hustle

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    Official Mfg. Co.: Ingenuity & Hustle from VSCO on Vimeo.

    Sometimes you hear something that just sounds so right that you can't shake it from your collective conscious. We had that moment yesterday as we dug around through the new OMFGCO site and came across this short video that gives a tiny glimpse into what this small team of creators do. The video has a resonance factor that immediately grabbed our interest. We actually went back to the video a couple more times throughout the day just to check out the fantastic juxtaposition of what is new, what is old and the words that unite them both. The video sums it best, “It doesn't matter what the job is. Every detail matters.”

  • Free Shoe Patterns

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    What do you do when you get some free kicks from Adidas? Well, designer Beth Furumasu decided to create this kaleidoscope-esque piece featuring nothing but the shoes as artistic elements. The result is complexly wonderful.

  • IFC Gets Spiffy Rebrand for the Coming Year

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    IFC Rebrand from simpatico. on Vimeo.

    IFC's new rebrand has been getting a lot of attention over the past couple weeks. A quick look at the new visual direction and it's easy to see why. That incredibly bold type system; the stark, flat, minimalist design and that shade of blue (that's a nice shade of blue). It just works. The new identity system pairs extremely well with the quirky nature of films and dedicated programming that IFC has become known for. Branding agency, Gretel, in New York handle this beautiful re-branding. Check out the link to their site as it pops over to a full case study of how the agency tackled this project.

  • Samsung Puts People to Work to Win a New Samsung S5

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    The phone rings and the person on the other end of the line asks if you're interested in winning a Samsung S5. The only catch is you have to jump in a freezing lake and take an underwater selfie with the phone. Up for it?

    That's the challenge that Samsung recently put to people sitting by a lake in Zurich, Germany. There were surprisingly a lot of takers. This interesting campaign was the brainchild of Serranetga in Switzerland.

    Credits after the jump.

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