• Music Nation - Soap the Stamps

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    MUSIC NATION - SOAP THE STAMPS from Jim Demuth on Vimeo.

    This documentary from filmmaker Jim Deluth explores the 80's UK Hardcore and DIY scene. The film examines the importance of the DIY underground network of tape trading, zines and DIY shows and even talks about the major role John Peel played in the explosion of this movement. If you're into music history (or just music in general) then this is a great addition to your bank of knowledge.

  • Grovemade Produces Stylish Maple and Walnut iPad Sleeves

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    We're seriously crushing a ton of the wonderful products over at Grovemade. Their line of products are the perfect mix between stylish design and handmade craftsmanship. We've featured their moleskin cover in a previous post, but these maple and walnut iPad sleeves are our latest obsession.

    The sleeve itself is made of premium wood veneer with geometric contouring, scratch-proof German wool lining, and a leather and brass pull strap to hold it all in place. This would make any iPad look like the bleeding edge — all without taxing your wallet. Take some time to check out all of their great products and accessories. They have something you absolutely need.

  • SEMpdx Rooftop Party Gets Pimped by Bruce Sussman

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    The upcoming SEMpdx Rooftop Party got a little play in this promo with weatherman Bruce Sussman. Sussman is on hand to find out a bit more about the hugely popular annual networking party that will be held on August 12. It's going to be a good one.

  • This is SportsCenter - Metallica

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    Interesting new spot for SportsCenter featuring the boys from Metallica. What happened to Kurt Hammet's hair? It's all white. Yikes!

  • EVENT: Creative Mornings/Portland - Pete Brook

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    Info on the August Creative Mornings/Portland event has been released. As you may or may not know, Creative Mornings is theming each month of their talks and this month's theme is failure. Taking the stage will be freelance writer and curator, Pete Brook.

    Pete Brook is a freelance writer and curator interested in social justice. He writes and edits Prison Photography, a website that analyzes imagery produced within, and about, the American prison industrial complex. Pete has lectured internationally, taught art in prisons, volunteered with Books To Prisoners, served as a University Beyond Bars board member. He has curated multiple shows around the world, and his writing has appeared in Aperture Magazine, The Oregonian, Huffington Post among others. Prison Photography has been recognized as one of the best photography blogs by LIFE.com, The British Journal of Photography and The Daily Beast. His activities have been featured by Carville Annex, The New York Times, The British Journal of Photography, Featureshoot and DVAFOTO. He writes regularly about photography for WIRED.

    Creative Mornings/Portland - Pete Brook
    August 15 // 8:30-10:00am
    Ziba Auditorium: 810 NW Marshall Street Portland, OR

  • Iconic Houses

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    Iconic Houses from Matteo Muci on Vimeo.

    Italian product and graphic designer, Matteo Muci, has created this interesting animated romp through some of the most iconic houses ever built. His vector creations of such greats as the Rietveld Schröder House, The Farnsworth House and Falling Water are both fun and extremely accurate in their detail. The video weighs in at about two minutes, but he covers several of the greats during that time. We'd love to see an expanded edition of this or one that covers a wider spectrum of great architecture throughout history.

  • Gordon Ramsey x AT&T

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    It's weird to see Gordon Ramsey doing a spot for AT&T. We're just glad he didn't assume his American persona and scream and yell throughout the commercial. We miss the Gordon in the English version of Kitchen Nightmares. He was so much more mellow back then.

  • Jared Spool - It's a Great Time to Be a UX Designer

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    It's a Great Time to Be A UX Designer by Jared M. Spool – An Event Apart Austin from Jeffrey Zeldman on Vimeo.

    Jared Spool, the founder of San Francisco's User Interface Engineering, is just a great speaker. We've seen a couple of his presentations and his wit, intellect and deep thinking in the field of UX are amazing. Several sessions from the annual mega-conference, An Event Apart, just went live and this was one of the ones that stood out to us from last year's sessions in Austin. If you're of the UX persuasion, then you'll want to get on your watch list.

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