• Industry: NORTH Signs San Francisco's Anchor Brewing

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    NORTH, an advertising and branding agency based in Portland, Oregon, is pleased to announce it has signed on as Agency of Record with San Francisco's original and leading craft beer brewery, Anchor Brewing Co. NORTH will be working with Anchor to build awareness of the brewery and its portfolio as it continues to grow its California base, as well as its national and export markets.

    Michael Sargeant, Senior Marketing Manager at Anchor Brewing said, “As America’s first craft brewery, Anchor has a rich history, pioneering spirit and unwavering craftsmanship. It’s a one-of-a-kind brewery and we’ve been looking for a partner to help us tell our story. We selected NORTH because of their affinity for craft beer values, the depth of their insights and their track record of developing creative, engaging programs.”

    Mark Ray, a founding partner at NORTH, said “Anchor Brewing is the original craft brewer, and that prestigious legacy makes them a dream company for a shop like ours. We're honored and thrilled they chose us to help tell their story.”

  • The Geometry Clock - A Different Perspective of Time

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    The Geometry Clock puts time into a new perspective. It's dead simple interface features nothing more than a colored triangle set against a jet black base. As the viewer becomes accustomed to the direction of the triangle, telling time becomes easier. The clock is the work of industrial designer, Mauricio Romano. Romano suffers from synesthesia, a neurological disorder that impairs the cognitive pathways producing a wide array of altered visual stimuli. Many people who live with this disorder see color changes in normal objects. Mauricio sees shapes in everyday environments. This is what led him to create the geometry clock with it's simple, shape-based interface.

  • The Beauty of the Hand Drawn Letter

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    If you've followed our writing here for any length of time then you know what huge fans we are of hand drawn type and lettering. The skill, patience and raw creative talent that goes into a well crafted set of hand drawn glyphs has to be one of our favorite things to look at.

    Polish designer, Mateusz Witczak, blew us away with his hand lettering style. The amount of time that he puts into just one piece must be phenomenal. The smooth strokes used to construct each glyph and the attention to fine detail is beautifully executed. Take some time to check out more of Mateusz's work. It's extremely inspirational and would serve as a model reference piece for your own hand drawn type projects.

  • Foremost Profiles NME Surf

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    NME SURF: Al Ciske "Shaper Profile" from ForemostMM on Vimeo.

    Portland's Foremost Media just finished up this short profile on surfboard shaper, Al Ciske of NME Surf. The mini doc is well shot and edited. We'd love to see an even longer cut to get a bit more into the NME surf company mindset.

  • Celebrating 75 Years of Superman

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    Superman 75th anniversary from Golden Wolf on Vimeo.

    London's Golden Wolf was tapped by Warner Bros. to produce this short video celebrating the 75th anniversary of America's original superhero, Superman. The team worked on the backgrounds and the art direction for the animation. The short features some of the most memorable and iconic scenes from the past 75 years of Metropolis' favorite son.


  • Paris in Motion

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    Paris in Motion (Part 4) from Mayeul Akpovi on Vimeo.

    Photographer Mayeul Akpovi has embarked on a series to capture the beauty of Paris in slow motion. His latest installment (part 4) adds another layer to his truly beautiful film work. If you're interested in seeing the rest of the parts from the series then check out Mayeul's Vimeo page.

  • OMFGCO x Stumptown Coffee Roasters

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    We recently featured some of the fantastic work that OMFGCO had completed for Portland Meadows. We apparently couldn't get enough, so we're back with another compelling project from the well known Portland design studio. This particular bit of work comes to us through time warp as it was completed back in 2009, but we've been big fans of the Stumptown Coffee Roasters branding work for quite awhile. The project was pretty extensive and encompassed not only the bags, mugs and coasters but extended to additional artifacts like postcards, t-shirts and even plaques.

  • Get Back Into the Action with These Fine Caps from the DDC

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    Get back into the action with these fantastic new lids from the Draplin Design Company. Aaron has been putting out some great new stuff over the past few months, and these new lids are a fine addition to the catalog. Jump over to the DDC site to check out these and some of the other fantastic stuff available.

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