Marvel Makes a Bit of Retro Magic with New Captain Marvel Movie Site

by / February 11, 2019 /

It's humorous how we can look back on what is ugly and kinda nasty, apply a bit of time (and a healthy dose of the rosy effect) to it, and that same ugly duckling now seems kinda cute and quirky. Case in point, the new website for Marvel's upcoming film, Captain Marvel, has cashed in its retro chips big time. The result was a super old school, dated website circa 1995. The media is hailing it as genius. We're not so sure about that, but it is[Read More]

The Missing Link Has Been Found

by / February 11, 2019 /

Portland's animation powerhouse, Laika, has just jumped back on the scene with the second trailer for their newest animated offering, Missing Link. In true Laika form, the short spot appears to be another animated bit of magical goodness. Unlike Laika's past offerings this one seems to be a bit more mainstream and less quirky than what we saw in Kubo or ParaNorman, yet it also retains that ever familiar[Read More]

Event: dMob – Friends of Noise

by / February 5, 2019 /

Happy New Year dMobbers! After a brief holiday hiatus, a favorite AIGA Portland creative social meetup is back and in action! For their first dMob of 2019 they are bringing together our thriving community of designers and musicians—all under one roof for one night only. It is all ages and we encourage anyone to come!

AIGA Portland enlisted the help of Friends of Noise to help curate a soulful ensemble of performers[Read More]

Event: Design For Good & Wilde Town: Telling the Story of Our LGBT Pioneers

by / February 4, 2019 /

Calling all socially-minded creatives in Portland!

It’s 2019—the year of Stonewall Uprising’s 50th anniversary, which marked the beginning of queer liberation. As people around the world come together to celebrate this momentous occasion, some members of early liberation movements (or queer pioneers) are going back into the closet due to fears of discrimination in elderly health and social services.

[Read More]

Industry: Tim Farr Joins R/GA Portland as Head of Production

by / February 4, 2019 /

R/GA Portland welcomes Tim Farr as Head of Production. Tim comes to Portland from R/GA Santiago, where he partnered with R/GA’s leadership to open the office and build a best-in-class production team to serve LATAM’s largest retailer, Falabella.

As Head of Production for R/GA Portland, Tim is tasked with the strategic development of the department, overseeing all brands and businesses. A creatively-driven operations lead, and an R/GA veteran, he [Read More]

Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller is a Lesson in Winning

by / February 4, 2019 /

Remember the days when Microsoft was considered at the heart of all evil? How things have changed. This heartwarming Super Bowl ad for the upcoming Microsoft adaptive controller does a great job of showcasing just how far the tech giant has come in the last couple decades. The adaptive controller provides a level playing field for individuals with physical disabilities by providing an alternate input system that makes hitting the buttons and interacting with Xbox games much easier than using [Read More]