Liquid Agency Acquires Employee Experience Agency Vignette

by / February 5, 2020 /

Acquisition bolsters Liquid’s long-standing excellence in employee experience

Liquid Agency, an experience design firm headquartered in Silicon Valley, has acquired Vignette: The Employee Experience Agencyâ based in Portland, OR. The move strengthens Liquid’s position as the leading experience design firm that offers and aligns brand, customer experience and employee experience solutions under one roof. Liquid[Read More]

IDEO and a Story of Design

by / March 30, 2019 /

Who is IDEO?

IDEO has been a leader in the creative services field for 40 years. Their client base is world wide and their work is pretty much the bar that a lot of agencies strive to reach. Production studio, Dress Code, recently put together this short biopic about the creative agency. In it, several team members take a few minutes in front of the cameras to talk about the IDEO legacy and why this agency h[Read More]

Industry: Work & Co is Named Top Employer in Oregon

by / March 30, 2019 /

Oregon Business Magazine has named Work & Co one of the state’s top employers for 2019.

Work & Co earned the honor alongside companies such as T-Mobile, MassMutual, and SeatGeek. Those who made the list were deemed by employees and the publication’s editorial team to offer best-in-class benefits, top workplace amenities and a thoughtful management approach.

“Employees feel challenged by the variety of values-driven projects,” and a “flat leadership structure [Read More]

Event: Digital Summit Portland 2019

by / March 25, 2019 /

Digital Summit Portland descends upon our fair city this coming June. The all encompassing digital marketing event is set to feature nearly 40 speakers across a dozen different disciplines in the digital marketing space. If your job touches marketing in any way then this is probably an event you want to be a part of. The show will run from June 11-12, 2019 and tix run from $295-$995 depending on how much you want to get involved. The point is that now is a great time to reser[Read More]

S7 Airlines Broadcasts New Travel Show Into Space Inviting Aliens to Visit Earth

by / March 25, 2019 /

What's better than extending a hearty handshake to new visitors? That should magnify ten fold when it comes to visitors from outer space. Wieden+Kennedy worked with S7 Airlines on a new travel show aimed at the stars, inviting our nearest interstellar neighbors to come and see all the wonderful things the earth has to offer them. The short definitely has a European bent to it, which makes us worried that using a selling point like the European speedo might not create the best first impression[Read More]

Marvel Makes a Bit of Retro Magic with New Captain Marvel Movie Site

by / February 11, 2019 /

It's humorous how we can look back on what is ugly and kinda nasty, apply a bit of time (and a healthy dose of the rosy effect) to it, and that same ugly duckling now seems kinda cute and quirky. Case in point, the new website for Marvel's upcoming film, Captain Marvel, has cashed in its retro chips big time. The result was a super old school, dated website circa 1995. The media is hailing it as genius. We're not so sure about that, but it is[Read More]

The Missing Link Has Been Found

by / February 11, 2019 /

Portland's animation powerhouse, Laika, has just jumped back on the scene with the second trailer for their newest animated offering, Missing Link. In true Laika form, the short spot appears to be another animated bit of magical goodness. Unlike Laika's past offerings this one seems to be a bit more mainstream and less quirky than what we saw in Kubo or ParaNorman, yet it also retains that ever familiar[Read More]