Green The Bid Releases Complete Green Production How-To Manual


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Green the Bid, a growing movement to transform the production process into one that is sustainable and safe, released its Complete Production How-To Guide To Sustainable Production, a step by step guide to creating a sustainable and regenerative production. The guide was designed in collaboration with Green The Bid members Green Spark Group, Harvest, Madam, Sweet, Assembly, The Light and The Lift who volunteered their experience and many of their resource documents to support the design of this free-to-use manual.

The guide was created for any production, agency, or brand producer looking to manage a sustainable production internally, when the support of a sustainability consultant is not possible. It is broken down into chapters that guide the steps and practices needed to take to create a sustainable and regenerative production.

This includes, but is not limited to:

● What to budget to ensure that a sustainable production is achieved.
● Advance considerations for flying, donations, and end-of-life set builds.
● What to prep to ensure all departments are informed and participating.
● How to report on the measures used, waste avoided, and carbon consumed.

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